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Deleted aircraft won't go away...

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I'm trying to help out a fellow virtual flying club member who is trying to remove some aircraft from his FSX-SE, but they won't go away. He deletes the aircraft from the \SimObjects\Airplanes folder, but when he goes to the aircraft selection screen they're still there, and can be loaded and flown. Yet he is certain that the folders are gone.


Based on my own experience (with boxed FSX only) I can see only two possible explanations for this:


1. Copies of the aircraft folders still exist, perhap with misleading names (although if this were ture I would expect that prior to deletion, FSX would have been warning about identically-named aircraft).


2. There is more than one FSX installation, and it's the "other" one that is actually running. The owner says, however, that only one instance of FSX has ever been installed.


That leaves me wondering if there isn't something funky going on with FSX-SE or Windows that could cause this type of behaviour. I've asked the owner to check his Steam library to see if the aircraft appears there and could be uninstalled from there but it's the RealAir Duke that is involved and I can't see any sign of it being available on Steam. Also, there was freeware involved which I think is still hanging around too. I've also suggested that he look for hidden folders.


In the meantime, is there someone in the FSX-SE community here who has seen this tpe of behaviour before and knows what the answer might be?


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I did copy down some info from a while ago when someone had a major issue with adding repaints to his aircraft

in FSX-SE.  Is this path of any help to your friend?  This guy was using the wrong path to the Airplanes folder.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\DLC\379233\SimObjects\Airplanes

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