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In the PMDG NGX 737 will the FO flip the switches while you call out the check list?

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With the active checklists running, the MCE first officer "knows" where each switch is set (switch state). So if, during the checklist, if FO says "probe heat"? and its supposed to be on and its off, if you reply "on" he will correct it by switching it on and verbally repeat his action so you know what he has done! He/she will then move on to the next checklist item.



Additionally, during the checklist, you can ask the FO to flip any switch he can see! So if you notice something that's not set right, just ask for it to be set. Also, you can talk to ATC (RC4 for example). So FO can do two things at once.


If you are thinking about VR headsets, this is very useful!


MCE is multitasking, its multithreaded and doesn't use any simulator VAS.


That's what I see anyway.


Best regards


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