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Virtualcol all aircraft with 60% off!

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I'm not sure if it's worthwhile or not. I was waiting them for publishing the updated ATR for FS9, but looks like they will never do it. I have almost all of their catalog (I even beta-tested the old Colombia Virtual 2007 sceneries), I like that all their aircraft (but the Jetstream and the original Fokker) are FPS friendly and nice to hand-fly. They are perfect for when you want to be in the air 5 minutes after having loaded FS.


$21 for the ATR? That's not a 60% discount, specially if you compare it with the prices at Virtualcol: $12.50 (or even $11 for Colombian customers). With those prices, you can try for yourself...

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Hi Luis


Thanks for recommend! I will buy it shortly. It's look like you are Virtualcol Fans!!

But I saw the price is only $9.96 for ATR Pack.

For that price it is certainly worth buying, but don't expect a turboprop airliner of Majestic Q400 standard! If however you just want a nice turboprop airliner for basic, enjoyable IFR flying then this is a very good choice. The external textures and modelling are good, with a huge variety of airline liveries available. The VC appearance is good but don't expect textures of a very high standard such as you might find in cockpits by developers such as Carenado, PMDG, A2A etc but VC looks quite good nevertheless. The important thing is that the basic VC functions including the autopilot work very well and if you are happy with an aircraft that doesn't have a huge degree of systems depth and you just want to 'jump in and fly' then you will probably be pleased with this.



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