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FS2crew in combination with hardware panels & other software

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I'm considering buying the FS2crew Reboot but I need some pertinent info before I decide


1) Is it possible to have the FO not to flip switches, just guide me in what switches to set?

I ask this because I use a hardware OVH and a VRinsight MCP so I don't want my hardware switches to be "out of sync" with the simulator.


2) How well is it compatible with FScaptain?

Also there, you have voice communication with FO and FA, will both programs interfere? (or vice versa)


3) How well is it compatible with VOXATC?

Here I leave it to my (voxatc) FO to do all communication with ATC and setting comm frequency's. Will that interfere with FS2crew (or vice versa)


I mainly want to use the FS2crew FO to guide me through checklists and procedure, but would like to do the bulk of the operating myself, except for those things done by VOXATC FO (comm) or FScaptain.


Thanks for your advice,


Luc Jonckheere



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Hi Luc,


1. Some, but not all FO flows, can be disabled.


2. Not known issue as far as I know with FS Capt with Reboot.


3. Vox ATC: no known issues.


Generally, if there's an issue, you'll see it mentioned in the forum.  Reboot has a very, very large user base.



If you want to do basically all the switching flipping yourself, you'll want to use SOP 3.


In SOP3, the Capt and PF (that's you) does most of the work.

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