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How can I reinstall the default Autogen folder

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Hi all,


Yesterday I installed the autogen from NL2000 ; trees, houses, buildings.

I remarked that I have missing buildings in the center of all major cities.


First I thought that they had not done these, but the ere ag files that cover these spots too.


I have FTX Global installed and later France VFR products.

France VFR makes a copy of some of the Autogen files, like default.xml , materials.spb , autogendesriptions.spb and roofdescriptions.spb.


It might be possible that FTX Global has changed thoses files and the backup that FranceVFR made is not the default one.

To exclude any issues with the NL2000 autogen I want to reinstall the default Autogen folder.


Is there any way to reinstall them without having to reinstall P3D complete ?

( Eg renaming the current P3D folder to P3D.old and installing a new one next to it ..? )


Thanks for all suggestions.



 Nb : when trying freeware Netherlands autogen buidlings appear in the cities centers. And those ag files have the same name as the files in NL2000.

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Hi Gerard,


If I found myself in your situation I would be thinking about uninstalling CLIENT first and checking whether this affected the autogen folder. If it did then simply reinstall CLIENT to recover the default files. If uninstalling CLIENT had no affect on the autogen folder I would move on to performing the same procedure with CONTENT.




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There is a way to make it all work...

I always keep backups of every file in the autogen folder every time it changes.

Then use Arno's Autogen Configuration Merge utility from


The symptom of missing autogen is likely to be because one dev has overwritten another devs custom autogen files. The first devs custom autogen won't show because the sim has no information about it in the configuration files. This is a hangover from MS only allowing one set of autogen configuration files for the sim. You can make changes to it, but how does one dev know how another scenery might have changed it already? They don't, they just distribute replacement files that make their scenery and default work, but not anyone else's.


OrbX distribute a set of configuration files that include _some_ other devs autogen definitions, although most notably NOT franceVFR because they had a big argument about how to do it a few years ago. Earth Simulations created a utility called MergES which was supposed to merge any different files together but it was bugged and didn't work automatically.


Arno took that work and improved it massively to create ACM, which although it is a magic bullet for one of the sims most restrictive limitations, doesn't seem to have attracted as much attention as it deserves!


The utility allows you to create an autogen folder for any scenery folder you have, so every 3rd party developer that makes a change to your default autogen files has an independent place where their autogen files can reside.


The utility then indexes all your active scenery folders every time P3D is run and creates a merged set of files, which allows any number of custom autogen sets to play nicely together :)


Once installed it requires no attention, there is no user interface, as long as you create the autogen folder for each scenery including custom autogen, it will do its thing in the background.


Hopefully your situation of missing autogen would then be eliminated :)


EDIT: for your specific problem, it might be cleared by reinstalling orbx libraries. (If you own any orbx products of course!). That would theoretically install the orbx autogen definitions to the sims files. You could then install ACM and backup the sim autogen files. You can then go through a slightly turgid process of reinstalling any scenery which includes custom autogen and place the resulting sim autogen files in an autogen folder alongside the scenery and texture folders for each product. All you need do then is replace the backed up files from earlier back into P3D/autogen folder and ACM will take care of the rest for you. Sounds a bit complicated but it isn't, PM me if you want any help :) Cheers K

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Just got a reply from NL2000.

They have avoided to place AG in large cities because of the framerate impact.

That means that I don't have an issue ...


I will return to my former AG files..

Many thanks, especially to Kevin.


Already I have made new AG sets for the Netherlands and Belgium, including all trees and buildings for all towns and cities..

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