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Yes, if you use real world weather.  It gives a quick snapshot of the RVR at some of the major airports.  6000=at least 1 mile visibility.  Most ILS minimums are 1800.


Pretty handy.

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I think that's a perl script, so wondering if the reporting frequency is live or every x minute(s).  KIAH was 700, now at 800 (a minute or so later).   Looking at current metar for kiah


  271253Z 34003KT 0SM R27/1200FT FG BKN002 BKN011 OVC020 20/19 A3022 RMK AO2 SFC VIS 1/2 SLP232 T02000194


Just refreshed again and it went back to 700.  

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Thank you!   Glad that it is something we can use.  :smile:

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