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Couple of newbie questions Lear 35a

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Just started to wrestle with this impressive beast and it is loads of fun!  Couple of quick questions:


Having difficulty with directional control on take off.  How do you guys manage a nice smooth takeoff?


Having difficulty capturing the glideslope. Had to hand fly my last landing.  Autopilot captured the localizer OK.  Should I have pressed the GS button on the autopilot?


Small item.  Where is the cockpit/panel light switch?


Thanks for any help!



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Hi Al,


Welcome aboard - just about everyone that tries this bird comes to love it...


Directional Control - when lined up for takeoff - do you have your "Steering" button enabled ? It controls the nose wheel - if properly enabled (button on center console between the seats) - you should have a green light on the indicator panel - the sim disables this around 40 KIAS on your takeoff run as the rudder starts to have some bite... As soon as you go gear up - you should enable the yaw damper... I find that you should also start decreasing thrust and putting in nose down trim to keep your climb manageable - typically a whopping 4000 FPM to 10K Ft... As you progress - you can start using real world data for setting proper "Takeoff Thrust" and "Climb Thrust" - throttle shouldn't be maxed...


Side note on autopilot - you need to press "Altitude Select" before using any of the vertical modes such as "Speed Hold" or "VS Hold"...


Yep for a full ILS or LPV approach - you need both NAV Hold (horizontal guidance) and GS Hold (vertical guidance) enabled - preferably before you intercept the glide slope...


Panel lights are on the port side panel to the left of the pilot - rotary knobs...


Couple more things - you should download and install the improved panel graphics off the FSW website in the paints section... If you have a paid version of FSUIPC - you should PM Al (ark) in this forum and request his LUA scripts as they allow you to assign buttons to all the autopilot functions and other essentials - he also has a fix for the for an improper indication on the indicator panel...


Enjoy !!!




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Thanks Scott!


Looks like I am going to need some practice with this bird.  I noticed all the great documentation on this forum for the Lear.  I will be doing some reading.  I will be posting here again when I have further questions.



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