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Hi Dave and all,


Yesterday night I've installed the new version and tried a flight from LFBZ (Biarritz) to EHAM (Amsterdam) with the brand new FSL A320-X.


I have to say it was wonderful, flawless, and perfect., except perhaps that ATC gave me the runway 22 which is the shortest available for landing - it was a bit challenging for an A320 newbie :Big Grin:


So I wanted to address a big thank to Dave for this amazing product and the strong support he provides to all of us.


Most of the posts I see here (I mean in general on Avsim or other sim related forum) are more or less focused on problems and negative comments.

So I think it's important to give positive feedback when a product is at a high quality level, following a lots of efforts from the author. And all of us should realize the chance we have to assume our hobby with such good addons.


On aircraft side I have still so much to learn with the Airbus world and logic... but for the first time I was able to complete a flight without any alarm raised on ECAM :Tounge:

And here again what an aircraft and level or simulation they have reached!



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Hi All,


I echo Roland's sentiments 100%, I have been meaning to post a positive reaction on here for a while and kept forgetting, thanks for reminding me!


I have yet to try the new version, but just know it will improve on an already outstanding product.


While we are at it, just draw a couple of comparisons, whenever Dave hears of a bug, he is VERY quick to react and get an update out.


But, I and many others bought Cereprocs voices over the holidays in their sale, to use with P2A, only to find they don't work.

Cereproc say they have identified the problem and an update is promised.......we still wait, a month after purchase, need I say more?


I have emailed Dave many times with questions and problems, most of the time through my own ignorance, but he always replies promptly and helpfully 


So, yes Dave and his product deserve all the praise we can give, I always say any product is only as good as its service support, what we get here is outstanding.





Think you owe me a beer Dave :) 

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With previous versions I did have some small problems and also ran into some very very odd things... (hardcore testing of the excellent support, right Dave!?)

Version Could not stop myself from flying. Did all off my 4 testflights in one night.
Not one hiccup from Pilot2atc!
Only some navaid mismatch... (come on Navigraph)
And some pilot mistake after too many hours flying and a whiskey celebrating that I finally have a fully working ATC system for X Plane! (a good thing it was not real life flying) :smile:

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Thanks to all for the kind words.

And thanks to all for giving PIREPs and bug reports that have helped to make Pilot2ATC better and more stable.



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I continue my FSL A320 training and for the first time ever, as I was on final @ LFBD23, Tower has requested a GO AROUND due to an AI traffic entering the runway!


I have to say that was an very good surprise in the scenario, and I was lucky to have revised the GO AROUND procedure prior to this event :smile:


Then the tower asked us to contact the approach for a new try, which was done immediately by my PNF. However, after the usual "Radar contact" message, ATC never came back to us for vectoring or other approach consign. So after a round over the HOLD circuit, I joined on myself the ILS capture path.


Anyway this kind of unexpected event is really exciting and challenging, and it will be nice when Dave will add some unexpected HOLD or diversion procedure as well :P


For the future, it would be good also if P2A can handle temporary shift path request due to adverse weather conditions.(parallel path)



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