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Improving Performance in NYC?

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I like flying to the New York/Newark area but the frames are just so awful for me, I get around 10-15 in the NGX. I'm using FSX:SE and a lot of my fsx.cfg is already tweaked. At New York the only addons that effect the area are MyTraffic X, FTX Global, and ActiveSky Next. The rest of my addons are either aircraft or other airports (Buffalo, Paro, Dubai, St. Maarten, etc.) Also, I kind of like my settings how they are right now.

Would getting an addon like New York City X increase my frames? What other solutions are there?


Here are my computer specs:

Motherboard: ASUS Z-170 AURA

CPU: Intel Core-i7 6700K (overclocked @ 4.639GHz)

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5

RAM: x4 Corsair 8GB DDR4 (32GB DDR4 RAM)

Cooling: Kraken x41 Water Cooling System

Storage: 1TB Hard Disk Drive

Now here are my scenery and traffic settings:

Terrain and water

Level of detail radius: Large

Mesh Complexity: 75

Mesh Resolution: 38 m

Texture Resolution: 1 m

Water Effects: Max 2.x

Land Detail Textures: ☑ (Checked)

Scenery Objects

Scenery Complexity: Very Dense

Autogen Density: Very Dense

Ground Scenery Shadows: 𝥷 (Unchecked)

Special Effects Detail: High

Aviation Traffic

Airline Traffic Density: 22%

General Aviation Traffic Density: 28%

Airport Vehicle Density: Low

Land and Sea Traffic

Road Vehicles: 80%

Ships and Ferries: 100%

Leisure Boats: 61%

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Turn off the road vehicles, ships and ferries and leisure boats.


Reduce Scenery Complexity to Dense and Autogen to normal and test.


If that improves it then you can try increasing setting from there but he road traffic, Scenery Complexity and autogen set to max is very taxing in that area.

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As someone who works at EWR, flew IRL in the area, and lives in the area, I found it very disappointing not having a good simming experience here.

Saw some tips on these forums so that I could get 22-31 @KEWR on runway 11 (facing NYC) and 40+ in the air. 


There are three things that helped me in FSX/P3D sims.


1) Reduce settings to what you can deal with. As cmpbellsjc above is saying. (Esp Land and sea traffic. They should be heavily reduced)

2) If you plan on getting DDesigns NYC airports, use a freeware program called "Ordenator" to reduce the textures of the airports. Bad optimization on this scenery package, but not much else to choose from if you want a good EWR. As of right now, the taxiways near FDX Ramp are AA, AC etc.. DDesigns still shows PD, PC, etc..., but again, there's nothing else.

3) Process Lasso has worked for me. Basically remove taxing programs from the first core (and virtual core if you are using HT on). (Before that I was using Affinity Mask=84)


At night, I'm down to 14fps,at best, until I leave KEWR. Even JFK will give me 28+ FPS at night. Must be all the VECTOR lights killing performance.


Good luck!!!


What I have:

i6700k OC to 4.6

ASUS 1080GTX Strix OC


16GB of 3600 MEM on XTreme setting

Noctua air cooling

WD Black 4TB HDD

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