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Serious security breach

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Well if you don't want to click, Google: "Cloudflare parser bug".  TL:DR version:  If you've signed in to any major site since Sep 2016, the chances are you've used one based on CloudFlare and your password could have been leaked.  Any passwords older than 18th February 2017 are potentially affected.  If you use the same password on more than one site, the risk of misuse is higher.


And I assume by "don't click on any links", I assume your homepage link in your signature is on the list of links we shouldn't click on? ;)  


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58 minutes ago, DragoB said:

... for gods sake, its not like I am directly a newbe on AVSIM (well maybe in compareson to you guy it might seem so hehe). If you didnt trust the first link let me give you a second one, even better

Thank you for the heads up. And the first link was just fine :)

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