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Just looking for a bit of advice on something regarding throttle configuration.Although I can manage fine with how I currently have it, its not totally realistic.

Specifically it is mostly to do with the pmdg 747 and the fslabs A320 and FSUIPC.

Initially I had no throttles set in the controls section of p3d and used everything through FSUIPC and all worked fine  I have an x55 throttle and with the 747 I used throttle 1 to control eng 1+2 and throttle 2 for eng 3+4  all work flawlesley.

I then bought the fslabs A320 and I had no end of trouble setting the throttles up  as they were twitching and causeing a lot of grief.My solution was by removing the engines config in fsuipc for the fslabs a320 and using the P3d throttle control for the engines solved the problem instantly.

However  because I now have a throttle setting in both p3d and fsuipc when I run the pmdg 747  my throttle 2 controls engines 2,3 and 4 instead of just  3 and 4 is there a way to  get it back the way it was or  a quick way to swap things about between the 2 configurations


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Untick the controls in P3D. you do not need it selected.

Use Profile specific in Fsuipc for each aircraft

In Fsuipc select send the throttles to FS as normal axis.

In the dropdowns select Axis Throttle n set for each engine.

Unless the AS airbus uses some weird magic in its joystick programming this should work

throttles direct.jpg

For the PMDG  set first lever like below

Second lever sent to throttle 3+ 4

4engine .jpg

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Thanks Glynn

I'll have a play around and try getting it all sorted

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