Replacing P3D v3 SSD

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I bought a 250GB SSD for P3D a little over a year ago.  I thought this was plenty at the time, but I was wrong and really should have gotten a 500GB drive.  I'm not out of space, but am down in the 20ish percent left.  Both for future growth and with the aim of keeping some open space on the SSD disk for performance, I am looking at a new SSD (at least 500GB).

I've found other posts discussing moving the installation on HDD's that have discussed either having to do a full reinstall or using symbolic drive links.  I have a slightly different question though.

I'm planning to directly replace the drive P3D is on.  Only P3D and add-ons are installed on this drive and I have a large traditional HDD that I use for storage that I can temporarily copy things to.  Is there any chance I could copy the full P3D drive, replace the old SSD with the new SSD, assigning the same drive letter (G: in my case), and then copy the full content back on to the new drive?  A full reinstall is quite a feat.  I have a lot of add-ons, but the notable groups are Orbx, FSDT, FlightBeam, PMDG, HiFi, and FSL. 

Thanks for any help. 

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If you have an additional slot, install your new drive and assign it to a drive letter you don't already have, then copy everything over from the drive that has your P3D on it and make sure any hidden files are also copied. Once copied assign the new drive back to the same you had on your original P3D installation. I did this sometime ago and had no problems. Good luck!


P.S. Don't forget to change your original drive letter on the smaller disk that P3D was on to something different once you get everything moved over to the larger drive and before you assign that letter to the new larger disk.



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Thanks, sounds hopeful that as long as I get the files on a hard drive with the same letter, things might be ok. 

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Rather than copy the files, you might look for any freeware drive clone utilities. They will make a complete image of the old drive. Then swap drive letters as above. I've done it many times.



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