RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 v2.2.5 available

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Before an official release, I wanted to let you try the v2.2.5 release candidate!

It is meant to be the next official release If there are no 'widespread crash' reports.

List of changes since v2.2.2:

  • Interim 'fix' for TCAD on PiloteEdge / Vatsim.
  • Settings Panel cosmetic enhancements.
  • Attempt to fix the issue for the couple customers running Win8.
  • Further performance and stability enhancement.

List of changes since v2.2.1:

  • added support for mouse click-spots in 3D and 2D panels
  • fixed issue with transparent/last screen image when powering off/on the device.
  • new render targets option: "PANELS" supports both 3D and 2D panels at once.

List of the changes since v2.4.0:

  • Massive performance gains: our tests systems show minimal to nearly no FPS changes from 1 to 2 GTN (and even up with 2GNS + 2GTN in some cases - YMMV).
  • TCAS missing targets corrected.
  • Revisited and greatly improved all 'panel instruments links', with support for mixing GNS and GTN devices (GPS datarefs, HSI datarefs, NAV datarefs and related instruments).
  • Always On option: now you can opt to have your devices 'always on' regardless of the avionics switch. This shall help with 3rd party aircraft with custom/non-standard electric buses.

Additional notes (v2.2.5):

As for the missing online TCAD targets, we introduce an interim fix. The issue is very simple: X-Plane SDK tells how many aircraft are active around you. However, although the SDK also provides a function for PilotEdge-like plugins to set the number of active aircraft, this value drops to 0 when on PilotEdge for example. We don't know if this is a bug in X-Plane (the function doesn't work), or if this is a bug in PiloteEdge (they don't call the function). Therefore, v2.2.5 considers there is up to 20 aircraft (X-Plane maximum) whenever X-Plane is not controlling AI traffic.

Previous additional notes:

The list of panel types has been extended and now supports the following (frame.type) :


The new 'PANELS' helps for aircraft with only a 3D cockpit, as there is no need to configure 2 separate INI file render targets entries for the 3D and the 2D panels. A single entry covers both.

Mouse support in 3D/2D panels comes in the form of new settings in the INI file.

For frame.type = 'WINDOW' comes a new setting (default shown):
; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false (use SHIFT to override)
usemouse = true 

When true, the popup window supports clickspots as before. When false, you have to depress the SHIFT key while clicking to temporarily override the restriction. This might become useful in the future for panels where you'd expect disabling all mouse interactions with the device (hardware controllers?), but don't want to have it in the virtual cockpit.

For frame.type = 'PANELS' (or PANEL2D/PANEL3D) (default shown):
; enable mouse clickspots if true
usemouse = true 

This lets you select if the screen should only toggle the popup window or not.

Download link for both e-commerce installers

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Now that X plane 11 is out of beta, any word on getting your GNS 530 into window mode so I can move outside Xplane to my Emuteq 530 screen?

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Although XP11 is now officially released, the SDK has not changed yet and we'll have to wait the new SDK.

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The GNS v2.2.5 has just been re-uploaded to correct the 'settings panel not opening twice' issue.

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