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I'd like to acquire new aircraft from Boeing in Washington (PDMG products) and bring them back to various home bases across the world.  Is there any mod out there that would allow me to, for instance, fly in to Chicago International (KORD) and see all of the aircraft I left parked there?   Such a simple thing, that would make the simulator very cool indeed.  I could literally assemble a "hangar" of sorts of planes I purchased new and have sitting around the world, exactly where I left them.




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35 minutes ago, Chock said:

Yup, this little add on. Inexpensive, easy to use and works really well:

Could you mind sharing your experience regarding VAS consumption when using this addon?.

Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ed


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Obviously, it can have an impact on frames, as can anything you add graphically. So it will take up VAS, but it's not desperately bad so long as you don't go mental with it, especially if it is only for a screenshot. So I do permanently have my main Air Hauler 'Fleet' parked on the ramp at my 'base' at Liverpool airport, and that is a payware airport as well, so it also impacts on FPS. These are: The Virtualcol ATR 42 and ATR 72, the Cessna T303 Crusader and the FSW Cessna C441 Conquest II. None of those are particularly heavy on frames, nor do they have very high resolution livery textures, so they don't really have any markedly detrimental effect on the sim.

I have found that if you start putting things with high resolution textures all over the place, it will impact frame rates and VAS as a result of it having to load in some high res stuff. Two aeroplanes which definitely did do that were the JF Piper PA-28 and the Socata TB-20, because both of them have really high resolution graphics. They didn't give me a fatal VAS issue, but it was obvious enough from the drop in FPS that those high res textures loading in merely for a bit of eye candy on the ramp, were impacting on the sim. So the lesson is obvious enough; if you are parking your fleet up to use with WAMA, don't use the models with the really high res textures and you should be fine.

All of the aeroplanes in that pic I posted are freeware ones, and they didn't really affect FPS much at all, although you will notice that the Yak-40 at the back of the formation is not displaying the landing gear; this is because it is a port over from FS9, not originally an FSX model.

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Thanks. Clear enough.

Cheers, Ed


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And, to add, you can let WAMA replace your parked aircraft to AI Models, e.g. from MyTraffic.

You can choose in a list to replace which model and livery you want.

So, at least with this option you do not have frame, VAS or animation issues.


With my fleet (PMDG, A2A) I can't see a VAS difference with parked aircraft and the original models. A slight frame hit, but very slight. 

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Thanks guys!   This really made my day.  (Didn't hurt that the MFG Crosswind pedals arrived too, yeaaa!).

I will look into this immediately.

Mark Trainer

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