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Crash Log and Chatter Volume

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Two questions - PTA crashed last night and I assume in order to help pinpoint the issue I will need to send in a log - but I can't find it.  Can someone point me in the direction of the log (I assume a .txt file).

Also, I have the volume 100%, but when the chatter plays through my headset it isn't as lout as I would like.  Is there a volume control in PTA for chatter?  The volume for my ATC is good - it is just the chatter that is low.

Thank you very much!!!


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The chatter volume can be controlled by the volume buttons in the Com Popup that appears when you click on the Com Standby display in the bottom left of the main screen.

There is a log file that I sometimes ask for when a problem is related to speech.  For most crashes, the top 15 lines or so of the details that are displayed when you press the Details button on the error message box is most helpful, along with a screenshot of the program and description of exactly what you were doing or trying to do when the crash occurred.

Thanks for asking.


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Thanks for the tip on the chatter volume. I had the same comment as I wanted the chatter to be louder. Somehow I thought there would be volume control where to specify the chatter files just like you have a volume control for each SAPI voice. I'll try this out when I get home this weekend.


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