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I have just moved to ChasePlane from EZdoc and am delighted with the ease of use - it took me quite a while to master EZCA's user interface.

One feature that I liked in EZdoc which I cant yet find in ChasePlane, is the ability to make an external view appear to float randomly when the aircraft is in flight. This motion,creates an excellent immersion effect, as it gave the appearance of looking at an aircraft while flying in another aircraft. In that situation, the aircraft that you are viewing moves in relation to you as their flight path and yours alter slightly.

A good way to see this is to view any video of an aircraft taken from a following 'chase plane'. (sorry!). Take for example a fighter moving up behind a tanker aircraft, the tanker will appear to move left and right, up and down slightly, as the chasing fighter adjusts its flight path to link up.

Notice the effect in this sample YouTube - Formation Fight Training 1 video


In EZCA you can elect to have a static view or a floating view. Please let me know if there is a setting for external views that will facilitate this type of floating camera view?

The rock steady views in your own Cinematic movie below would only be realistic on a perfect day with a couple of perfectly synced pilots.

A small ammount of drift is visible in your video. So my question is how can we modify external views to enable this to a degree that we find visually comfortable - rough day in the formation example or smooth day in your Lear example.


thanks in anticipation



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Hey Keven !   I don't know Andrew , honest!!  ;-)


Andrew I agree with you completely, this has been a hobby horse of mine for a while and Keven Ménard (Co-Founder and Developer, FSFX Packages), has politely indicated that I don't need to nag him about it any more as he is aware of the feature request.

It is great to know that others have the same thoughts and it's all to the benefit of a better product..   Here's hoping (fingers crossed).



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So is it present already? Can I create floating camera with outside view (or shake on the aircraft, example from DCS:

 ? (like just on the beginning of this movie)

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