PMDG nav database problem regards to ils

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So I am editing the nav database text file, adding ils to an airport that does not have ils in real world and in p3d. 

HOMEY                   KXTA12 05420123 37.230267-115.806264110.5012304494
HOMEY                   KXTA14 12000143 37.248200-115.800253111.0014304494
HOMEY                   KXTA30 05420300 37.219017-115.794011111.5030004494
HOMEY                   KXTA32 12000322 37.217833-115.784261112.0032204494

I belive my format is currect, tell me if I am wrong. 

I added ils frequence and course, howevery, when I load a PMDG plane to the runway, tunning in in NAV RAD, there are no indications of reciving any ils. 

Tried move around the plane, the ils seems to be not there.


So does the PMDG only reads ils data from wpNavApt.txt? Or is there somewhere else too? 

I am also wondering if there is any ways to customize ils , such as have a longer range, start at higher altitude, have a glide slope different then -3 degrees?

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Hi 769270865,

I haven't gone over your entries' format carefully, but the key point is that you have to add the information to the FSX scenery -- You can do this using ADE.

PMDG wants you to sign your full name in its forums.


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There is a difference between an ILS in the scenery and a record of it in a navigation database.  You may add all the database records you wish but that does not create the ILS in the simulation world. The navdata is only used by the aircraft, it has nothing to do with scenery.

The easiest way to create a new airport from scratch is to use Airport Design Editor, a powerful and excellent tool available free from Scruffyduck (use google).  Create your airport and navaids and then enter the information in the database.  Keep in mind there are three files involved in every airport:  airports.dat, wpNavAPT.txt and the sidstar file.  The PMDG knowledge base has a topic on decoding navdata, although last time I looked it needs reformatting since importing from the old wiki support to the current support server.   That only happened five years ago so maybe they will get to it soon.

As far as ILS range there is no option to increase it from 27 nm, which is a limit of the FSX/P3D platform.  As far as GS angle there is a range of values that work and you enter when creating the ILS object in your airport scenery.  By the way, we never refer to the glideslope angle as a negative number, most commonly you will see simply 3 deg.


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