Prescription VR Glasses for VR Headsets

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Prompted by a link from JV over at Orbx, I purchased a set of VR Lens Lab prescription lens inserts for my Oculus Rift. http://vr-lens-lab.com/product/oculus-rift-lens-inserts/

I've been very happy with them, and it's made using my Oculus much less of a chore, since I no longer have to wedge my glasses awkwardly into the HMD, risking scratches to my glasses, the HMD lenses or both. Plus, yanking off the headset for a quick breather or to go check on something is a significantly easier.

However, the one small issue is that the lenses can wriggle loose and or become misaligned occasionally with the Oculus lenses. Not a deal breaker or even very common, but it can make one wonder if there might not be a better solution.

Now VR Lens Lab is back with a possibly better solution capable of not only working with all HMDs but also being worn as sport glasses. I've just ordered a pair, and I expect to be very happy with them. I will also report back when they arrive. In the meantime, consider this a heads up! 



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Excellent info!  Not a bad price either!

Thanks so much for the info.


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