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J van E

Early access

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Steam should abandon the whole early access idea so that developers can't use it as an excuse to release alpha software and so that users understand that what they get will maybe change in detail but not in its core. Everyone here who says 'Yes, but it is still early access' doesn't seem to understand that during the coming months the core engine won't change and the basics of FSX are here to stay in this sim. This is not a new sim and it can't and won't become one. And honestly, calling this sim early access while they already have been working on FSX:SE for a few years and while FSX is 11 years old already?

If Steam really wants to keep on using the early access option it should reserve it for software that is actually new in its core: everything else is just an update or upgrade and should be released when out of beta.

Of course FSW will change during the coming months while it is still in early access but it will only be interesting for those who like FSX. Those who would like something new or something else will never like FSW because the FSX roots will stay in FSW forever. If you like the sim and try to convince someone who doesn't like it by saying 'It is early access' you won't succeed because of this. You are missing the point why some don't like FSW. 

Some like apples, some like oranges. You will never convince someone who likes oranges to like apples by saying an updated apple may become a big nice apple because it will still be an apple. This obviously also means there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking an apple. I am very happy for those who like FSW and who are longing for an updated version of FSX. But most of those who never liked FSX (or P3D) or have abandoned it will probably never like FSW because what FSW offers is still FSX in its core.

So that is why saying it's only early access won't help. Early access won't change the core of the sim and it is the core some people simply don't like (anymore).

Anyway, allowing early access for real new software only would prevent a lot of trouble and confusion and miscommunication.

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I took one look at it and got out of Dodge.

That's not to say I won't give it a second chance down the line, but right now it's in a counterproductive state to be impressive or even to gain the support of the vast majority of this community.

Yes, I know it's not finished, but it's so clear that FSW isn't going in the direction that the seasoned sim enthusiast requires. And I obviously agree that it's not going to fundamentally change in early access.

Very disappointed but at least there are many other great options now.


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Well,install just finished. Took around 1hr 20 min - not bad at all, and one of the reasons I like Steam.

Then, I didn't even configure the controllers, and have wify waiting at dinner table, but I took the Seneca for a ride from LPMN to LPSO, in the rainy scenario, and I rally liked EVERYTHING ABOUT IT SO FAR !!!! 

I can't really understan - NOT AT ALL! - those negative comments ? How come ?

And it's Early Access **only **


Of course I will keep testing after dinner, but so far, I'm a proud owner and supporter of DTG's FSW !

It's Great DTG !!!! Good Work!


Thank You !


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I agree get up there in bad weather being buffeted around I have not had this in fsx., give me a 747 at 20,000 in that weather who needs scenery.

Ray Fry.

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