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  1. BEARlyThereCDN makes a good point that Dovetail's initial foray with refining FSX to some extent actually worked well. With the benefit of hindsight, however, we can now appreciate that their interest in this hobby or "space" as Stephen Hood would irritatingly refer to it in every one of those awful FSW presentations, was based on eventually changing the nature of the business model and diverting a high percentage of its revenues directly to them. To achieve that they needed our support for FSW and I think it soon became very clear that they really had no coherent strategy to achieve that. Their departure is very welcome indeed.
  2. I freely admit that I never bother with fuel calcs on my PMDG flights and just use the automated presets etc. Therefore I'm rather stumped with doing this properly with this bird and I cannot find anywhere how to use the Load Manager data to arrive at Fuel/Sched and ZFW in PERF INIT. Would be most grateful if someone could explain this. I really wish there was a tutorial walk through flight a la PMDG. Many thanks
  3. I think it's your sound effect for folks boarding, but it does sound like that if I have the volume up :-)
  4. Yes I did. It's working again now. Reinstall did the the trick. Odd why it didn't work when I did that before, anyway fixed.
  5. OK now I have my commands being recognized but I cannot hear anything from the FO even though he's doing all his start up tasks. I have HS selected. I'm hearing things like "Hi Captain is the fuel quantity ok?" and "Hi Captain Are You Ready to Start The Boarding" - both those folks also respond to my saying "yes". Then there's what appears to be literally the sound of roaring dinosaurs getting on board in the left channel while the stewardess' voice asking for coats is pretty clear. Have to admit I'm getting very frustrated. Button was so much simpler.
  6. Headset mike not being heard most of the time i.e. no green text band at top of screen. Cannot hear FO. Using only a headset on this PC. It worked before but suddenly all has changed without me making any changes to either software,sim or PC. I thought a clean reinstall might help? Obviously I've used the control panel uninstaller.
  7. As the heading says please. I have problems and would like to try a complete reinstall. Thanks.
  8. Am struggling to get a Co Route to install in Maddogx from Aivlasoft EFB. If any of you are able to do this I'd greatly appreciate a step-by-step. Thanks in advance.
  9. Even though I have the voice version, I'd love the button version. So happens that I feel like a dork speaking to a computer screen.
  10. Thanks I looked at that but not totally clear. Who performs all tasks in black type please?
  11. Thanks but I'm still confused by it all in terms of what I do and what the FO does. Button just seemed to be more intuitive.
  12. Must admit I've always used button control in previous FS2 Crew programs I've purchased. Speaking into a computer just makes me feel like a dork, but needs must as the Maddog version has only the voice option. Now I have to use voice I'm a bit confused by the manual, as I can't seem to work out who does what and when, especially at start up. I normally let the FO do most of the donkey work while I do things like FMC MCP etc. Lazy, yes, but that's the way I roll with my simming. Is there a video out there, even from another voice version for a different plane that can enlighten me? The button versions seemed to have a more step by step guide compared with this, or am I just missing something obvious? I've also downloaded the MaddogX summary pdf, but I'm still confused. Sorry, something isn't clicking here. I'm sure experienced voice users will have a good laugh, but I'm struggling to see how this all gels. Can you also explain what "read silently" actually means. Thanks.
  13. That's great thanks. Any chance of providing a link to the manual prior to then?
  14. Excited for this release. Are you going to release MaddogX Reboot at the same time as the plane itself releases? EDIT: I must have missed your Facebook post earlier. Thanks question answered. Paypal is locked and loaded :-)
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