Disabling mouse wheel zoom?

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Ok, this one drives me nuts - especially in VR when trying to tune dials with the mouse wheel and inadvertently zooming in.  How can I disable mouse wheel zoom?  This seems to be an issue that has been around for years.

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I don't think you can, at least I've never found a way to do it without using a plugin like xcamera (I use TrackIR). But since you're using VR, I'm not sure that's going to work.

I think it's worth putting this in as a bug report so the devs will know it's a problem. The more people who start using VR, the worse this problem is going to get.


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Thanks Tony...I'll mention it to the Devs.  Not sure why they don't have it as an option

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I have had some success with the plugin called X-ScrollWheel - It allows to turn off the scrollwheel entirely OR use it for other functions.  I select "NOTHING" and scrollwheel messing me up when I'm slightly off the click-spot.  Give it a shot!  (One negative is that this disables scroll wheel zoom AND all scroll wheel functionality so you have to click right or left mouse buttons OR drag the "hand" to adjust knobs which also sucks but I'm choosing the lesser of two evils).  It would be GREAT to have a setting that turns scrollwheel zoom off in XP UI!

Advanced control over the mouse scroll wheel!

- The scroll wheel may behave as follows (this are the menu options):

X-Plane default - nothing modified, zoom with your wheel
NOTHING         - scrollwheel will do nothing at all
Throttle        - guess what, throttle control by scroll wheel
Propellor       - etc.
Mixture         - etc.
Elevator trim   - etc.
Altimeter (QNH)
Heading Bug
Autopilot Airspeed
Autopilot Altitude
Autopilot V/S

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