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  1. Just did the same thing...upgraded motherboard and CPU and GPU before Christmas and just getting everything finally set back up. I did not deactivate my license...original motherboard failed so that wasn't an option. Anyway I emailed support and have not heard back yet. I would hope with the cost of P2ATC it would not be a problem to get my license reactivated. I also provided my new Hardware ID from the installer. Here's to hoping we both get our licenses back!
  2. I have had some success with the plugin called X-ScrollWheel - It allows to turn off the scrollwheel entirely OR use it for other functions. I select "NOTHING" and boom...no scrollwheel messing me up when I'm slightly off the click-spot. Give it a shot! (One negative is that this disables scroll wheel zoom AND all scroll wheel functionality so you have to click right or left mouse buttons OR drag the "hand" to adjust knobs which also sucks but I'm choosing the lesser of two evils). It would be GREAT to have a setting that turns scrollwheel zoom off in XP UI! Advanced control over the mouse scroll wheel! - The scroll wheel may behave as follows (this are the menu options): X-Plane default - nothing modified, zoom with your wheel NOTHING - scrollwheel will do nothing at all Throttle - guess what, throttle control by scroll wheel Propellor - etc. Mixture - etc. Elevator trim - etc. Altimeter (QNH) Heading Bug Autopilot Airspeed Autopilot Altitude Autopilot V/S
  3. Those shots are of XP11. PTA is for P3D...XP11 doesn't need it :)
  4. Great thoughts Martin thank you! I have no idea how to use Overlay Editor but i've been learning each of these tools one by one so I guess that's next. I will also try 2-3 buildings per cell setting. In your 3rd paragraph...using object exclusions...do I do that from within w2xp or overlay editor? No clue where to start there... Funny on the OrthoXP overlays for me...if I use default scenery which is updated already...my dsf file is like 3Mb for that tile and I get trees populating large landfills and rock quarries but if I use the HDMeshV3 overlay...it's aroudn 13Mb and I don't get nearly as many trees in those areas...not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if that's just the way it is. Your thoughts? Appreciate your help! Gino
  5. I have Ortho4XP photoscenery of my home area which looks great. I also used Ortho4xp to create overlays based off HDMeshv3. Then I used World2XP to create overlays for my ortho4xp tile using the config-hd.xml file which worked great BUT no autogen trees or houses...only OSM buildings and items. These are all correctly ordered in scenerypacks.ini. THEN I ENABLED SMART EXCLUSIONS and re-ran W2XP...now i have autogen trees BUT - they don't quite match the terrain in many areas (dense trees over an orthophoto school building/parking lot for example). The other issue I have is autogen trees on top of w2xp generated buildings which kinda ruins immersion. So a) is the a way to get better OSM that matches my ortho4xp tiles better and b) is there a setting or a trick to getting rid of autogen trees on top of w2xp buildings WITHOUT sacrificing all autogen trees??? Thanks in advance! Gino
  6. Also with respect - I get impatient like everyone else but I also get that version 10 is a complete product and all addons up to this point were created with that in mind. I will not get miffed or complain about advances to XP11 "breaking" addons that were not built around XP11. If I did I would basically be saying "Hey Austin...I know it's a new version and I know I signed up to beta test but I don't want you to advance this product beyond the capabilities of your last one otherwise my older addons might not work the same". I mean come on! Sounds a lot like P3D and FSX using the same 10-yr old+ engine. Limiting your design advance to maintain "backward compatibility" will only keep us in the same realm for years with no real advances. PLEASE LR keep advancing this engine to be the best that current and future hardware can push!!! If I have to wait for 3rd party to catch up OH WELL! And again...it's a BETA...shouldn't be miffed about ANYTHING 3rd party at this point. And NON-current hardware owners should be perfectly at peace with version 10 or earlier depending on their PC. Think about it. Peace out. **sorry - all addons except for a couple weather addons**
  7. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. I rarely start with engines running except for when just checking out a different airplane or a new airport I just installed...or when checking differences with graphics settings etc. I suppose I just need to anticipate before I start the flight...just wish the sim polled controllers and then matched positions upon startup. I know SPAD.next does this on it's own but that only works on the Saitek controllers. And by the way...been an FS9, FSX, P3D user for years and years and have spent countless hours tweaking things and assigning programs to certain cores and messing with refresh rates etc only to never truly be satisfied with the smoothness of the sim (esp using TrackIR). I even tried XP in the past but once I experienced the demo for XP11 and saw the potential AND felt what I consider the most fluid and smooth flight and feeling of flight ever in a non-combat sim...well let's just say I fought it for a few weeks convincing myself I could and would fly both, but as of yesterday I bit the bullet and uninstalled my rather enormous P3D installation. Sure I may revisit some day but for now I'm all-in with XP...despite missing my beloved Majestic Q400 along with all the $$$ spent on things like AS2016, ASCA, FSUIPC, ORBX, REX, etc etc etc etc. I'm not looking back and look forward to learning all that XP has to offer. In the meantime now I have SSD space for DCS 1.5 AND 2.0 side by side as well as IL2 BOS/BOM for when I want to fly combat. Thanks again for all your help! Gino
  8. Not sure exactly how to phrase this...but I'm a new convert to XP11 from P3D and am learning the "conversion" slowly but surely. One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to have a new flight start with the axes matching my controller position. I have a CH yoke, pedals and TQ. I also have a Saitek trim wheel and switch panel...so if I happen to start a new flight with the engines running I have to wait for the AC to load up i have to immediately press my assigned button for "full brakes" to emulate parking brake so the plane doesn't fly off lol. I then have to fiddle with my throttles (moving up then down a couple times as quickly as possible to bring the engines to idle because it starts with near full throttle and sometimes when I reduce the throttles the engines actually speed up until I go max then mix again. It's a little frustrating to say the least and I have to believe there's something I can do or maybe a plugin to poll controller positions and sync with those upon startup? Any thoughts? All axes are properly calibrated too... Thanks in advance, Gino
  9. Skip the latest beta as part of the beta testing program?
  10. I haven't posted much here and haven't figured out how to add screenshots or attachments lol not seeing an "add file" or similar...let me know and I'll be happy to show. As for TBM - I found the posts I referred to and copying below. Apparently Steve found that 180 does work better than 30 at medium+ autogen settings but not all maxed out because it caps out and performance suffers...so I assume in my case (trees at very dense and buildings at dense) that 180 may in fact be suffering. I will probably just back it down to 30 - thanks for the correction! Here's his post: "I could see that [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT alters the characteristics of the sim. With autogen 4 and lod 4.5 TBM180 performed only slightly better than TBM30. I went up to autogen 5 and lod 5.5 and TBM30 performed a lot better than TBM180, probably because the system is topping out with such high lod/autogen. After tests I amended information on my site: [Display] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=30 (Smoother frame rate with very low or no autogen and lod.) TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=180 (Smoother frame rate with medium+ autogen and lod.) LOD 3.5 and Autogen 3 improved by at least 2% with TBM180 rather than TBM30. Autogen 5 and Lod 5.5 produce the opposite result as the available bandwidth is exceeded.
  11. @TheBoom - sorry for the confusion...I meant that I changed it to 180 due to higher autogen settings per Steve's post somewhere else and have been pleased with the finished product...just not sure how much this particular setting helped but it all works so I'm leaving it at 180. Hope that helps!
  12. I use NI limiter at 29 and set Gsync to off (not used below 30 so probably doesn't matter) and vsync to "use application" in NI. Hope that helps!
  13. TBM - saw this suggestion from Steve as well...had always gone with 80 or 90 per NickN in the past. My understanding as that in P3dv3 this doesn't make a huge difference like it did in FSX, but if you run autogen at dense or higher then this supposedly helps. I didn't do side by sides as I did these tweaks pretty much at the same time so I don't know how much it's helping but I assume it contributes to the smoothness I am seeing...no more skipping/stuttering in turns and I use max tree autogen and very dense buildings.
  14. Frank - makes sense to use AM=85 on your cpu since this forces P3D to 4 cores which is essentially what I accomplish by using no AM, which for my CPU (non HT quad core) is the same as an AM setting of 15 in cfg. Love that monitor (same as mine) btw...hope you do too!
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