I think I like my PD3v3

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Tried v4 but some things are just not doing it for me. I cannot get it to run well and no matter what settings or how I adjust those sliders mini pauses plague me. I have tried new drivers, all settings from zero to  full on, set fps at 30, 20 and such but nothing makes this new version run smooth. 

I still have v3 so I go back to that and with most settings pegged it runs smooth in the same setting and location that v4 stutters and mini pauses. 

Also this problem with some devs now charging for their upgrade to v4. I have payed twice for the GTN 750 so far (FSX, P3Dv3) and now just learned they will charge me again for v4. Maybe I am just tired of buying the same thing over and over. 

For me v3 and the new FSW run much better than v4 so I might just have to be happy with v3.

My pc is up for it and runs Xplane11 and P3Dv3 just fine and can run Witcher 3 at 60 fps with all eye candy at 4k. Cpu 5930k, 16 gig pc4 ram at 3000mhz, 1080ti and so on. 

Now guys this is not a "this sim is better than that sim post" so cool your jets and know that this is just my opinion and my problem because I know that most of you are getting great smooth performance with this new version - but for some reason, that remains a mystery, I am not. If someone comes up with a magic bullet that works for me this opinion will sure change but still there is that "buy again for the third time" feeling I am starting to have. So please no arguments or dissing, just thoughts and maybe that magic bullet. 

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There is a thread here where a poster was having poor performance running v4. He said that activating his Hyper Threading solved his issues.

edit: oops seems he's having issues again ;)

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I'm running with Hyperthreading turned ON, and it's running extremely well.


i7-4770 running at 4.3 GHz



Hope you get it worked out Paul.


Best wishes.


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