Possible pointer for TFDi 717 flyers with CTDs

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I do like the TFDi 717 in terms of how the product has been designed and presented, but I'm one of the unlucky ones who has been plagued with constant CTDs - some as soon as I try to load the 717 in FSX, some when it has loaded and I try to access something from the FSX menu (eg. FSUIPC), and some that start well, but a CTD occurs after 15-30 mins.

I don't have FSL Spotlights installed, or any of the other programs that potentially cause a conflict.

I updated to the latest version earier this week.  I still had the CTDs.  I was determined to 'sus this out!   I tried everything I could think of, from deleting the FSX.CFG to change nvidia settings but nothing seemed to work

....then as a last resort, I tried removing my ENB fliles (inc. the d3d9.dll) out of the FSX root folder ......... voila!!   Fast forward a few days and I've made six or seven full flights with no issues whatsoever and no CTDs.

I do miss my ENB settings when flying the 717 but at least I can enjoy the product I bought now.

So perhaps worth a try if you're having CTD problems with the 717, and use ENB.

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Very interesting, as CTD has almost made this fun plane useless. Have you submitted this to the TFDi devs for an update? For the unread masses will this affect anything else in the sim?

Thanks, Vic G.

One more question please. Where in the FSX Folder do I find the ENB File and does it matter where I move it to?

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