FSX:SE OOM when process explorer indicates using only 2.9-3GB VAS

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As the title says, just lately I've been getting unexpected "dings" in FSX:SE due to memory (which is unusual; steam edition has honestly been pretty good to me), while when I look at process explorer, FSX is inching close to 3GB of VAS used, rather than 4GB. Any ideas?

The first instance of this happening was flying into T2G Seattle on Pilotedge with the NGX. I was using ORBX PNW, AS16+ASCA (lowest cloud texture resolution possible) and my textures for SEA are downsized to 1024. Autogen I believe was on "normal", water low 2.x. I got an OOM right after vacating the runway. 

Secondly, it happened in the LA area flying the A2A 172 on PE, though before this flight I had manually changed the LOD radius to 6.5, so that might have been the culprit in some way. (figured flying GA would allow me more wiggle room in terms of memory and performance, and usually that is the case without issue)

Yesterday I was flying out of JFK in the PMDG 744, LOD radius 4.5, autogen normal, FSDT JFK textures downsized, all other settings same as the Seattle scenario I mentioned above. In this scenario, I WAS running AI Ship traffic (the addon one that's available here)

I run Steve's DX10 fixer. 

I also run FTX Vector, but I have most of the features turned off, aside from the main highways and roads, and a few other things such as beaches, golf courses, etc.

This sort of thing has only cropped up recently, and the only thing I can remember installing recently is some photoscenery for Utah and Arizona (which was turned off in all these cases). 

Like I said, in all of these cases, the memory was only showing about 3GB of usage at the onset of the "dings". 

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If you are running a 32bit OS, then 3GB - room for the OS stub is all you get in XP, or 3GB in Win7 up. Otherwise in 64 bit systems, if you have have the registered version of FSUIPC use its memory usage display.


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