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P3D v4 Hardware

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It may be too soon for anyone to have definitive answers and this may belong in a hardware forum (if so, I apologize.)

What is your opinion of the following statement?

P3Dv4 benefits more with hi-end hardware than P3Dv3.

Put another way; as P3Dv3 is limited by clock speed more than your video card or memory speed, is this still the case with P3Dv4?

I've been holding off updating my system since I'm running at 4.3Ghz and the best I can hope to see is about 5 Ghz (14% difference) with a new processor. Not really worth it, as I see it. However, if P3Dv4 is more efficient in its core utilization and the added graphics options available...I'm sure you catch my drift.


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Hi Richard. I can skip your questions and just state that, unlike some other games, titles, applications, etc., P3D--of any stripe--will always thirst for whatever hardware you can bring to the table (or, er, buy). In mid-2017, you will still need the latest, top of the line hardware to run P3D with a bunch of addons and settings slid to the max. A Core i7 OC'ed via liquid nitrogen to 7Ghz and two Pascal Titans in SLI would be a start.

So, in essence, upgrade early and often but do what you can afford because it bankrupt all but the thickest of wallets.

I'm running a 6700k @ 4.7Ghz with 16gb of RAM @ 3333mhz  (CAS14), GTX 1080Ti OC'ed to 2050mhz core and 12000mhz MEM, and a Samsung 950 Pro and still have to make compromises. So be very careful when reading posts by folks with 3770Ks or 4790Ks with GTX 970s that have everything maxed and they're getting 120fps. We all have to make compromises...

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Thank you guys.

These were very helpful replies.

The P3D forum post was exactly what I was looking for. I should go there more often.

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