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  1. clearly the OP has not learnt his lesson 😉 Kind regards, jaffer
  2. few years back honda could not make a robot climb stairs (that too slowly), automation is dangerous, like mario said above, the ultimate goal of these machines is something that must bother us, and most importantly the creators of these bots.Lets just hope its not about trying to play god 😕 .that leads no where . kind regards, jaffer
  3. yes everything you say is one of the outcomes,every company does this they need to hype things up to sell products ; its part of advertising/marketing etc. However if the hype does not live up to your expectation , then nobody but you cares. (because that's your problem , you could not contain your excitement or had too many expectations ) PMDG (and many other companies) has no control/liability towards how people react or handle or not handle the excitement/hype . What is exciting for some may not be exciting to others.
  4. kyle, i urge you and the dev team to be patient during this time .i am looking forward to GFO ! wish to see more from PMDG on the operations and navigation front ! ACARS ,CPDLC implementation and a few other items on the presentation are closing the gap between reality and simulation . This is what PMDG has always vowed to do and it is evident from their actions and products. And thank you guys for doing all that ! Hope to see the product out soon !
  5. i think many on this forum let their emotions get the better of them , its very strange when people ask the best plane maker in the industry to announce more planes ;its like yelling at Adidas to make more shoes next year ,when it is certain they will do it anyway. announcing some thing other than a plane is what a surprise would be, and a surprise it was !
  6. What would be even more cool is if they had their own atc... automated and dynamic AI controlling approach and departure ! (Who needs atc while cruising at 8x etc. ) oh Along with cpdlc messaging offcourse. 😄 This way we won't have to rely on Vatsim or ivao. 😄 I personally feel this GFO is a top notch addition to the simming arena . Adds more fun and learning I hope . best regards, jaffer hussain
  7. ah okay, so that would would most likely mean networks like vatsim,ivao etc.
  8. If someone's at the conference ; could they ask Robert if the software will implement an atc system also ? While watching a stream ,On one of the slides I saw a cpdlc link graphic. Would be interesting to know how that works. Kind regards Jaffer hussain
  9. tit for tat ? eye for an eye ? i dont know really, but just like you i want the a319 out real badd ! its so sad whats happening to this company 😕 They make great aircraft addons !
  10. for a change ; hi kyle, why don't you tell us whats behind the pigeonworks banner 😄 Kind regards, jaffer hussain
  11. thanks simon, thats very kind of you to share :) best regards, jaffer
  12. All the 'flight sim 'news sites speak of a press release and not a single one posted a link to the original press release . (Almost always they do ) .. I hope to find a source link soon . Me ocd for verifying :) #IHATEFAKENEWS.
  13. The issue I strongly feel are the cockpit floodlights...atleast on the ground..they seem to take up a massive amount of gpu memory and cause up to 100 percent gpu usage which in p3d is wierd:D I turned them off and the whole flight was smooth. Tfdi stuff includes those lights I believe ...
  14. oh cool :) thanks for the info ! And thanks for making this beautiful aircraft ! kind regards, jaffer
  15. hi all, The exec button led on the cdu/fmc is not lighting up after entering the perf init data, i have seen the tutorials and despite having followed them, the green exec led does not show up . most likely i am at fault here (missing a few steps somewhere maybe ?) any help appreciated ! Kind regards, jaffer
  16. its a little little confusing ,their statement at Facebook, but after a quick read i think there are two 5 euro discounts, one for legacy ppl and one for ALL at launch ,which shall last till end of feb. hope i have not confused ppl more :D kind regards
  17. great product, dint know what i was missing until i bought it yesterday !!
  18. Then why wait , i thought pmdg was all about being kind to others :p , show it , share it with us noww sir , be kind be kind :p Oh also, will the upcoming woodpigeon have electronic checklists 😁 Kind Regards jaffer
  19. What I saw yesterday during the chase plane outage was some of the worst outrages ever seen by some of the most frequented posters on avsim, lost all respect for them :/ Some of them have serious first world issues. We sometimes face major government sites downtime in our country and haven't seen such reaction . Seriously gents , Its a game learn to relax when such things happen . I wanted to sim badly too , made up the whole flightplan etc and then bammm no chaseplane. Thankfully dint go bonkers yelling at the dev. Kind regards, Jaffer
  20. Or it could be Global Virtual Airtraffic Services (GVAS) :P
  21. hello, the simplest solution to beat darkness is search for light :P in P3D you do that by going to the lighting tab/options and increase the brightness till you like it ! The problem with these presets is that its not 'one size fits all' , simply because almost every one has different monitors ,TVs etc, therefore different looking outputs. many times we need to make minor adjustments to the brightness,saturation,bloom sliders. Note : ALL this is assuming you have HDR lighting enabled . Kind regards, jaffer
  22. The mounting bracket is the same ; if you had lga2011 compatible water blocks in use before , you may continue to use the same .. Got this from ekwb, please do verify it on their shop/site too :)
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