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  1. Then why wait , i thought pmdg was all about being kind to others :p , show it , share it with us noww sir , be kind be kind :p Oh also, will the upcoming woodpigeon have electronic checklists ? Kind Regards jaffer
  2. What I saw yesterday during the chase plane outage was some of the worst outrages ever seen by some of the most frequented posters on avsim, lost all respect for them :/ Some of them have serious first world issues. We sometimes face major government sites downtime in our country and haven't seen such reaction . Seriously gents , Its a game learn to relax when such things happen . I wanted to sim badly too , made up the whole flightplan etc and then bammm no chaseplane. Thankfully dint go bonkers yelling at the dev. Kind regards, Jaffer
  3. nice , thank you sir ! was waiting for one :)
  4. Or it could be Global Virtual Airtraffic Services (GVAS) :P
  5. hello, the simplest solution to beat darkness is search for light :P in P3D you do that by going to the lighting tab/options and increase the brightness till you like it ! The problem with these presets is that its not 'one size fits all' , simply because almost every one has different monitors ,TVs etc, therefore different looking outputs. many times we need to make minor adjustments to the brightness,saturation,bloom sliders. Note : ALL this is assuming you have HDR lighting enabled . Kind regards, jaffer
  6. Stay strong and March on jedi !!
  7. The mounting bracket is the same ; if you had lga2011 compatible water blocks in use before , you may continue to use the same .. Got this from ekwb, please do verify it on their shop/site too :)
  8. right...
  9. thanks for the video man ! :D
  10. wow the dude pirating is one thing, but demanding for support after doing so is just golden ! :D Madness overload . kind regards.
  11. The upcoming x299 chipset based cpu' s you are taking about will have 4.5 ghz only on 2 automatically selected cores by Intel turbo boost 3.0 , rest of the six cores remain on 4.3 max (with turbo boost 2.0). All this is without overclocking offcourse .. Lets Hope they clock well ! Kind regards Jaffer
  12. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=124932 please go through the reply given by beau hollis ( LM dev ) ,answers quite a few questions which might help in deciding hardware ! kind regards jaffer
  13. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6315&t=124932 read point number 9 ; under post by beau hollis ( LM dev). kind regards, jaffer
  14. @WarpDcould one manually increase it above that limit (6.5) via the .cfg file , or is that a nonsensical thing to do :D ?
  15. i highly doubt they are finding it difficult, rather the case might be ; they dont prioritize VR as much as the other priorities :) Considering its a sim marketed to students and training enterprises who don't usually try out nascent technologies like VR for serious learning, but the future might be different ! kind regards.