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  1. An addon sound pack is required to get proper sound for a $140 aircraft addon?
  2. Another alternative is the recently-released CRJ. I think there are still a few issues that need to be ironed out but the CRJ exists in capacities as a private/business jet (e.g. Google image search tail number VP-BCL). There's at least one business jet livery on Aerosoft's download page but I suspect there will be more coming, especially if you ask. It fits all of the criteria...
  3. Thomas: do everybody a favor and post this over at LM and see if anyone can/will look into it. We may have a better chance if LM themselves sees this...
  4. I have that same issue too. Pretty annoying.
  5. I have an H55, which doesn't have/use Corsair Link so I can't really speak to whether or not those settings are operating efficiently. I would venture to guess, though, that the H100 and H55 (and most Corsair AIO units) have the same crappy, OEM fans. I pulled mine off and then stuck two COUGAR Vortex fans on there, sandwiching the radiator in a push-pull configuration. If you're so technically inclined, I'd suggest you do the same. They move much more air and are much quieter. But as you seem to already know, those temps are fine. Even at 80*C, you have over another 20*C before the chip throttles itself...
  6. Samos? I was tooling around there recently (it's what tools do) and the beacon there did the same thing. It was genuinely cool. About the only time I enjoyed DL... when it's not murdering my frames.
  7. Exactly. I find that, all around, 10% is a reasonably good number. Airports will never be filled to the point they should be but large airports have a few planes and small airports have some too. But [most importantly] your frames won't go to hell. I also reinstalled MT6 after some time away from it but found the models to be utterly lacking. And I totally understand the balance between number of polygons, vertices, etc. and performance. But man, up close (i.e. at or near a gate) and they're pretty underwhelming.
  8. That's hilarious. I find it odd that the installers want to install DirectX in this day and age: it's the only flightsim product that I can think of that wants to do it (just hit "cancel" when prompted). Furthermore, I don't get why the expansion installers do that too since one would think anyone that needed DirectX would have installed it with the base product installer, which the expansions are dependent on anyway.
  9. I'm a real world sim pilot and find that real aircraft don't handle realistically. It also kills immersion when flying a real aircraft that OOMs or CTDs never seem to happen. Just when I'd ordinarily take the opportunity to grab another beer, I have to pay attention to my trim and talk to some awfully brusque people on the radio. Again, total immersion killer.
  10. I have been saying for years, this is why jet engines and beaches must be outlawed. How much more carnage will we allow as a society? We have a moral obligation to make sure this can never happen again.
  11. The google translate version of that page seems to indicate that it's less of a P3Dv4 issue and more of those folks migrating toward X-Plane.
  12. You better fasten your seatbelt because the PMDGers are gonna have a go at you, boy howdy! Grabbin' my popcorn now!
  13. I use the H55 and it's excellent. Do yourself a favor if you get one, though, and throw the stock fans in the garbage (that advice may apply to most other AIO coolers as well). Then replace the fans with something like Cougar Vortex (super quiet and move a lot of air) in a push-pull configuration, sandwiching the radiator, and you're all set.
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