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  1. jasonstory44

    Confirming where Controls xml is?

    Thank you
  2. Hi guys...I use FSUIPC for my controller setup but need to keep controls in Prepar3d active for my A2A aircraft. I find Prepar3D has a nasty habit of resetting or changing all my deleted control inputs once I delete them. I believe there was a trick to delete all control inputs and then make the control .xml read only so that Prepar3d can't keep modifying it. Is that in users/appdata/local/Lockheed Martin/prepar3d/controls? My controls folder in that directory is empty...is that normal? Any advice appreciated Thanks jason
  3. jasonstory44

    Any thoughts on random view zoom out?

    ah got it...thank you. Also found it mapped to a slider i didn't even know I had
  4. Reinstalling everything from scratch. Musing Trackir and chaseplane. I have Prepar3d controls enable (for my A2A planes) but all axis cleared and controls setup through FSUIPC. I haven't setup any controls yet for chaseplane. I jeep getting random instances where my view zooms out (from 0.6 to 0.13) and it's very annoying. I can't figure out if it is associated with a controller or sometimes it even does it when my Trackir loses tracking for a brief second. Any thoughts on where this could be coming from? Or is there a way to lock it at 0.6 zoom? thanks in advance Jason
  5. jasonstory44

    FSDT sceneries Prepar3d v4.2

    I'm doing a brand new install of 4.2. I own all the FSDT scenery and GSX though haven't used many of the airports in ages. I was wondering what airports you guys thought were worth still installing? Any airports that should be installed with modifications? Any just too outdated? i hate the add on manager. Many suggestions or advice welcome Thanks, Jason
  6. jasonstory44

    P3Dv4.1 - how to setup VR?

    Warbird...I had this happen to me once. The solution was to reinstall my NVIDIA video driver. Have no no idea why it happened but that resolved it for me. Hope this helps. Jason please let me know how it works out
  7. jasonstory44

    Suggestions on clean reinstall of 4.1

    thank you Jim...I hadn't seen that before. This community is the best
  8. jasonstory44

    Suggestions on clean reinstall of 4.1

    Mine will do that too Bob...but my understanding is that all cores after the first are for texture loading. It was suggested that in fine tuning the settings one should start with a baseline of less than 100% utilization on the first core (the one running Prepar3d). I don't know, maybe I am nitpicking this too much. But I am having a texture problem and even if I turn all settings off my first core runs at 100% no matter what. I have a fairly decent system so something seems off i5 5930k overclocked to 4.4 mhz 64 gb ram, separate M2 drive for prepar3d and a Titan Xp graphics card I get decent frames usually but problem where many ground textures are left blank or even fuzzy. Just seems to me that If I dialed back all settings to low or even off, My machine should be able to run that without 100% on first core. I am certainly open to alternative thoughts and suggestions though Ugh, the never ending pursuit of perfection in flightsim
  9. HI guys, I'm considering doing a complete clean reinstall of 4.1 to try and troubleshoot some texture and CPU usage (first core 100% no matter what scenery settings used) issues I am having. I've spent innumerable hours adding payware airports and add ons (ie active sky, Chaspelane, add on sceneries and traditional sceneries, ENVTEX, Flyinside, tons of AI traffic and flightplans from AIG etc) What is the least painful way to do this? Are there specific essential things I should back up to make reinstall more smooth? Really dreading doing this Any suggestions from the experts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  10. jasonstory44

    Flyinside vs Native VR question Prepar3d v4

    solved...sorry required reinstalling my NVIDIA drivers. No idea why that happened
  11. Does installation of the latest Flyinside disable native VR or alter the .dll? I used to be able to fly both with native at times and Flyinside before I upgraded to the latest Flyinside released in December. Now when I load Prepar3d without Flyinside there is no VR option. Any thoughts? Or is this as expected?
  12. jasonstory44

    FPS and CPU/GPU loading in PD3 V4.1

    Even at 20 FPS it shows maxed out 100%. Although the sim seems to have no issue reaching those FPS. The bigger issue im trying to solve here, not so much FPS or smoothness, but texture loading. I end up with a lot of blank or blurry ground textures. Maybe im not on the right track trying to troubleshoot this
  13. jasonstory44

    FPS and CPU/GPU loading in PD3 V4.1

    Hmm, I had FPS locked at 30 but I'll try lower
  14. jasonstory44

    FPS and CPU/GPU loading in PD3 V4.1

    Some guidance please, especially Steve. Ive been following the thread and trying to get my system dialed in. I feel I have a fairly beefy system. Intel 5930k overclocked to 4.4 64 MB RAM Nvidia Titan Xp Prepar3d on M2 hard drive. I set AM=4088. The cores seem to correspond correctly in task manager. Problem is, no matter how low I put my settings (even everything off), the first core running Prepar3D always shows 100%. I was trying to get that down to 88% as Steve suggested to get some headroom. I must be be doing something wrong? thanks, Jason
  15. jasonstory44

    Dynamic lighting question

    Cool...thanks guys. I turned it back on