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VR exclusives: Controversy?

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Far from the disinterested eyes of non-gamers, there's been a brewing, growing controversy about VR exclusive releases like the recent Star Trek Bridge Crew.

As more of these VR exclusives arrive, a vocal groundswell of discontent has emerged from those who, for whatever reason, have not purchased any of the high-end HMD's needed to use these titles in their intended quality.

So far, the battlelines are drawn largely on venues like Reddit and Steam, with angry threads erupting with nearly any VR exclusive, and a very........ passionate, back and forth regarding the new elite (not my word) of people who can afford, or are interested in VR headsets as opposed to those who are less sanguine.

It makes me wonder if we'll ever see something similar in simulation.

In fact, I think we are already seeing the first signs, as all of our favorite platforms struggle to find the FPS necessary for 1st generation VR, while knowing that even more speed will likely be needed for the 2nd generation. Meanwhile VR simpits have become a thing, and using cockpit controls in virtual space is a hot field of research.

Will there ever become a time when VR is considered a "must" for any sort of realistic simulation, and 2D users become poor relatives?

Is this our future?



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I actually think that star trek isn't a great game. It's Ok. Its the VR experience that takes this average game and makes it special. I think if it was playable in 2D it would get poor reviews. Really, its the same of all VR exclusives. I can't think of one VR only game that would make a great 2D game?

As far as FPS goes, the problem is with Hardware. You need to buy expensive hardware but thats nothing to do with VR. Most flight sims are based on old generation concepts. When you start bumping up resolution and people's visual quality standards (be it in VR or triple 4k screens) then these old flight sim concepts are going to struggle. You need modern hardare, running moddern software that can use all cores on your processor and use the latest features of modern GPU's.




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