PA46 meridian G1000 Navigraph expansion problems

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hi im wondering if any of you can help.


I bought the carenado G100 navigraph exping ansion back and I'm having an issue where I'm getting no data on the mfd. like I cant even file a flight plan theres no flight and you cant see any of the nav data. it wont let you add a waypoint and just

comes up with a blinking 0.

I can see that people of had this problem before and was wondering if you guys can help.

I'm running p3d V3.4 on a decent laptop.

ive gone through the carenado support page and ive got support from them, ive literally tried everything they've suggested. that includes reinstalling, antivirus off, admin privilages, installing fonts. and NOTHING still

haven't fixed, carenado have even given up and said it cant be fixed and they don't know what the problem is.


I was hoping someone clever who has had this problem and fixed would be able to help me.


hope someone can help


many thanks



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On 11/2/2017 at 4:58 AM, fsafranek said:

Have a look at this.  It's from a while back but still may apply.


Thank you for the answer. I have since returned the product and not looked back :)


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Did you keep the Meridian itself?  What do you think of the aircraft?  I've been watching some youtube videos and the aircraft gets good remarks but the G1000 system seemed to have some issues in the early release.  I ask because i might consider picking it up if Carenado has another sale like they did last year.

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No, I returned both and of course uninstalled prior to the return. The model is half decent but the utterly broken g1000 saps all the joy out of it. There are also some AP bugs, long known but not fixed and at least for me it is super heavy on the frames. There have been zero fixes on the v4 release and given Carenados track record there may as well never be one. It was the first and last plane from them for me.

Maybe there is a GTN 750 mod out there that makes it more enjoyable for some, but for me having that in virtually every GA plane makes it boring as well.

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Hi everybody.

I have just bought the Carenado PA46 Meridian with Navigraph extension pack and the Synthetic Vision System. I have to say that the Navigraph extension pack works really fine. Yesterday evening I enjoyed a beautiful flight from LIMF (Turin Caselle airport) to LFMN (Nice). I have used SID and STAR and they have worked smoothly. I have to complain only about the strange behaviour of NAV key in the AUTOPILOT panel. I have armed it before doing manual take off but, as soon as I activated  AUTOPILOT, the airplane started to turn steeply 'til I was forced to disengage AUTOPILOT function to stabilize the airplane. Activating the AUTOPILOT first and NAV then made the trick. I have already posted in the Carenado support site for this issue.

This evening I will have another flight and test the system again.

Keep you updated.



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