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Viewpoint center relative to aircraft center.

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Have any of you ever wondered why in all of the ESP simulators no one has ever fixed the actual center of the aircraft in relation to the center of the view? 


Its a small thing but I have to imagine some of the pro pilots know that we normally do not center the aircraft to the captain side rather in between the two legs. About a bit to the right or left of the pedestal. 

Is there any way to fix this on my own?


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It works like this:

- The 3D model has a "center" at coordinates 0,0,0. The developer of the model decides where it is, but for most aircraft it is somewhere near the wing root.

- The default position of the pilot view is at the default "eyepoint", which can be defined in the aircraft.cfg by setting the correct distances from the 0,0,0 "datum reference point". This again is up to the developer where he wants this eyepoint to be

- You can define any number of additional viewpoints, or "camera definitions" in the aircraft.cfg, whereever you want, inside and out. The view system is completely dynamic.

- All other positions of anything on the 3D model (payload stations, fuel tanks, gear etc.) in the aircraft.cfg are measured in reference to that 0,0,0 point too.

You can adjust any of that to your liking in the aircraft.cfg, either manually or with a tool.

Best regards

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Oliver, you're right but warriorpilot is asking about a diferent phenomenon in MSFS/P3D.


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