Virtualcol CRJ in P3D

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Alan can you give a definitive answer to the following questions,

Can the yoke be removed

What functionality does the FMC lose in P3D v4

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As far as I'm aware, no, you cannot hide the yoke, or if you can I've certainly not found out how and there is no mention of it in the manual although to be fair, you can't hide the yoke in the real aeroplane either and have to move your viewpoint to see what is behind, and you can of course do that in FSX and P3D.

The FMC is pretty basic, it being a licensed version of the EasyFMC by Eric Marciano, but, it is essentially a usable 'lite FMC' in the FSX version of the Virtualcol CRJ, whereas it gets really basic in P3D, being little more than a tweaked view of the GPS which recognises a basic flight plan you have loaded in your sim.

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