Choose what audio device is used by FS2Crew

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Out of the box FS2Crew will always use the audio device that is set as default in Windows. For the headset though you can pick which sound device should be used.

Is there any way you can force FS2Crew to use any other device rather than the default one also for the main sound (not the headset)?

Reason for my question is I'm struggling to set up my sound in a good way where I'm using lots of different add-ons, multiple audio devices including a pair of Oculus Rift glasses plus a body shaker.

The problem I'm having is I'm using a feature in the Oculus software to mirror the sound in the Rift headset to my default Windows audio device which in my case is set to be my body shaker. This to let me feel the vibrations from the engines and so on.

However since FS2Crew is also relying on the audio device set to be the default one in Windows this means all FS2Crew audio not routed via the headset will go to the body shaker which of course isn't ideal. I would rather have it go to an audio device of my own choice.

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Wow, a body shaker :-)

As you know you can route much of the FO audio to your headset.

But I gather you want to route *all* audio to another device.

That is currently not possible I'm afraid.



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Yep ☺️

The immersion when used in combination with flying in VR is nothing short of amazing!

Simply put I wish there was a way I could choose audio device for the main sound in the same way I can for the headset.

The problem right now is both FS2Crew as well as the Oculus software rely on what audio device is set to default in Windows. The Oculus sound such as the engine sound I want to route to the body shaker and the Rift headphones while the main sound from FS2Crew such as cabin announcements I would like to route to my external desktop speakers.

Since there currently isn't an "official" way to choose where to route the main FS2Crew sound I was hoping maybe there was an "unofficial" way fooling FS2Crew into routing the main sound to another audio device rather than the one set to default in Windows 😉

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