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It is my understanding that there are a lot of developers of add-on software who read these posts. This post is primarily for them. Of course, it is also for my fellow simmers. I am writing this in frustration. I ask, is my frustration reasonable, or am I asking for too much.

For those who do not know me, I am almost 70 years old. I attended pilot training in 1972 and after my military flying career, I continued to fly GA aircraft until I lost my medical over ten years ago. I am a retired business owner. During my business career, I made enough money to retire comfortably, travel and purse my two hobbies; simulation and photography. I consider myself fortunate in that respect and more.

As a businessman, I quickly learned the value of communications with my customers, even if I thought they were wrong and, in some cases, downright obstinate.  I realized that the fastest way to lose a customer was to ignore that customer. So, I made sure that we went out of our way to answer any engineering question and address any complaint.  Thus, my frustration.

There is a distributor who besides selling other companies products creates a series of photoreal sceneries. I like this company for several reasons. However, lately I have wondered if I should just look to buy direct from distributors, whenever possible. 

The president of the company sends me emails stating how he is just an email away. But, he never answers emails. I have received zero replies the last three times I have tried customer support. Most recently, I requested a discount code for their latest photo scenery of the state of Florida.  It states in bright large white font that if you are an owner of the previous version, you can get a discount code. So, I requested the discount. I want to evaluate the difference between the two different sceneries.

After days of waiting, I sent an email to Mr. President. The one who in an ad email told me that he was just an email away. That was either Monday or Tuesday. I am still waiting.

Rarely do customers not have options, especially in the simware distribution market. If I was a distributor of these products, I would be asking myself and my people, “What value are we adding to the customer?” “Why should a customer buy from us and not just go direct or another distributor?” If we couldn’t easily answer solid reasons where we add value, I would look to come up with some.

I asked those questions to the owner of the above company. The one who hasn’t replied. In the meanwhile, I plan on buying any new addons directly from the developer, if possible.

So, I ask the community, am I being too hard on this company? I know I am from a different era/generation. My work ethic and business values aren’t always shared by the new generations. Younger people view life differently than I do. I value your responses and will consider each one.


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No, I don't think your request from that developer is too much to ask.  Keep in mind that a lot

of these so called "companies" are a one-man operation and people have a tendency to go on

vacations and take time off from work, including not answering emails.  That's just the chance

you take when dealing with 3rd party vendors.  This all sort of sounds like the Pilotshop over at  Same situation with plenty of threads about poor response from the owner.


Good luck with your quest!

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I have exactly the same experience with this company and their president! Never a question that was responded to!

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