RealAir Duke B60 V2 Cold&Dark Problem

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My Duke B60 V2 has a weird behavior on Cold & Dark startup. The aircraft loads with all switches, batteries, etc . in OFF position as it should, but Props are turning slowly a little irregular as they do with the starter motor. I cannot load the aircraft with props stationary although it is in Cold & Dark position.  The aircraft reacts to starting procedure correctly and when I shut the engines down, Props stop correctly, however with loading THE AIRCRAFT next time same thing happens, props are turning. They don´t run down batteries just go on forever if left alone. Does anybody know of a solution to this problem ??

Thanks Al

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Hi Al!

Just a suggestion here 'cause I'm far from being a FS specialist, is your default FS flight in a Cold&Dark setup? I've the plane in P3D now(I had it in FSX-SE previously)and it is in C&D as set.



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Perhaps the following link will help -

Best regards,


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Thank you so much Jim and Pat both of your input helped solving my problem of the Duke B60 starting with Props running even in a cold and dark state. Here is a guide for anybody who has a similar misbehavior, although it is not a guarantee that this will solve everybodies problem, but it is worth a try:

My Default flight was in an A2A C172 ready for takeoff on a smaller airfield.  I changed the A2A to a Cold & Dark startup on the same airfield , saved this setting as my new Default flight and shut down FSX.

Restarted FSX , when my default flight with the A2A C172 appeared on screen  switched the aircraft to the Duke B60 V2 which was already configured as a Cold & Dark startup through the RealAir Config.  AND PROBLEM SOLVES THE AIRCRAFT LOADS WITH NO PROPS TURNING IN COMPLETELY COLD & DARK STATE. 

In other words it is important that the aircraft in the default setting or in whatever flight configuration you are in before loading the Duke B60 V2 IS CONFIGURED IN A COLD & DARK STATE.

Thanks again

Al :biggrin:

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