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Hi everyone,

I have the following problem with speech recognition. I don't know if it's a bug, but it seems so.

Almost all commands are understood without a problem, but there is a structural misunderstanding with a few (but important) phrases.

When I practice the approach phrases in Grammar Help it  returns as follows:

"KLM 146 is missed approach request vectors for ILS to runway three five left" becomes: "KLM 146 is missed approach request vectors to four ILS two runway three five left"

The same goes for the RNAV approach.

When I say: "KLM 146 is missed approach request  ILS approach to runway three five left" it's understood without a problem. Also "KLM 146 inbound at one three thousand feet request radar vectors for ILS to runway three five left" is understood well.

So the problem only arises with a few phrases.

I calibrated the micophone, tried another sound card, did the general windows training 2 times, did the complete training in Grammar Help, did the specific training for the sentences that were misunderstood several times, but still consistently "to four ILS two" instead of "for ILS to".

EDIT: When I dictate the "faulty" phrases in Wordpad it's reproduced flawlessly


Any help would be highly appreciated.



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I believe there are some issues with the Grammar in that might be causing your problem.  You might want to try adding the word approach after ILS.

Also, if you just tell tower you are going Missed Approach, they will transfer you to Approach and you can just request vectors to the ILS Approach... from approach control.  That might be recognized correctly.

I just tested the phrase you're having trouble with using the Grammar from the next update and it works. 


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Share on other sites flight last night.  Sayit I could understand what was said but the controllers kept saying your message was gabled please repeat.  So I would repeat what sayit had said and they understood me perfectly.  :biggrin:


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