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One less item on my bucket list.

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Hi all.

Sorry if this is a bit of a long read, but I thought I’d share my sim story.

(Scroll below to *** to skip the long text and go straight to my point).


I fell in love with flight simulation when I was about 8 and borrowed  Flight Simulator for Windows 95 from my uncle, installed in on the family PC and took off from Meigs on the C172.

Being a kid, I did not know FS98 and FS2000 existed and kept flying passionately with my old simulator. When broadband internet was finally available in my house I learned about FS2002 and all that I had been missing.

I skipped FS2002 (there was simply no way to get it where I live in South America). I remember just looking at screenshots and reading how people were enjoying the sim. I wanted it more than anything in the world.

A couple of years later my parents were kind enough to buy me a copy of FS2004 and though my PC could handle it only half decently, I tried to enjoy it as best as I could. I was having the best time of my life. It was something I genuinely enjoyed more than anything, and learned a great deal. Even got to fly the complex PMDG planes. I’ll never forget staying up on long summer nights crossing the Pacific Ocean from L.A. to Tokyo.

My old AGP 128mb ATI card could not handle all the graphical beauty I was seeing with other people’s builds.

When FSX came along, not only did I have a PC in the brink of dead, but I could not afford to build a rig to run the simulator. Even at its lowest settings it was unflyable. My dream of ever getting a nice flying experience with decent graphics just died and turned into bitterness. 

Through the years I followed the development of this hobby from afar, reading here and there about the latest.


*** I’m 27 now. After many years of longing for a nice simulation experience, reading about it, watching videos and reading many of your guys’ FS adventures and nice flights — and after graduating and obtaining my MBA (and saving money) — I’m finally able to afford a computer that will allow me to go back to doing what I love without worrying about 5 FPS when landing.

I’m building a nice rig for P3D V4, and I’m as excited to get it running on my computer as when I was a kid. 

I’be been an AVSIM lurker for years. I’m finally getting my wings and it’s nice to join you all. 



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Enjoyed every word Jorge, thanks for posting this and wish you all the best with your new wings!

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