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Found 41 results

  1. Hey there everyone, My name is Justin and I'm new to AVSIM forum. I figured id make a post about some question that I have in regards to P3D and was hoping I'd be able to find some answers or the very best recommendations. So I've been a huge fan of Flight Simulators for sometime now, I dabbled in FSX for many years, mainly just flying planes around and enjoying view. But one thing that i became very aware of real quick was that FSX being as old as it is, there are for sure limits. So after doing some researching and watching 100's of videos on various different sims, i decided to go with P3D. Seeing how they are continuously providing new updates along with being very similar to FSX, i thought it was the better move to make for me. I tried X-Plane 11 but was not really digging it. Anyway's to make a long story short I recently upgraded my PC and i want to throw some beautiful visuals at it. I've looked into many different options such as Orbx, Rex, Toga, HiFi Active Sky etc. I do know they are all different in many ways. I recently purchased Orbx North America, HD Trees and some other little things. Asking the community here, what would be recommend to get the best visuals possible for my experience. One thing i cannot stand is when watching these YouTube videos where the author doesn't provide ANY info on the add-ons they are using, which can extremely misleading. So i wanted to ask you guys what you'd recommend for the best visual experience from scenery upgrades, shaders etc. Thanks for your time and help in advanced!
  2. PMJ


    My Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Hat switch does not work when I push right, left or down, only up. OS Win 10 Pro, Sim Platform is P3D v4.2. I tried to send a question to P3D, but their site will not allow newbies to post until they are more active on their site??!! What every that means!! It sounds ludicrous, but true. After I installed A2As C-182 all worked well. The next day the hat switch did not work properly. Also I noticed that the resolution could not be change from 512 x 512 within P3D even after I pressed default which goes to 1920 x1080 then reverts back to 512 x 512. I contacted A2A but they said it is not there software but the hardware which is causing the problem. I could uninstall the 182 but A2A makes the most realistic simware. Also, reinstalled P3D v4–no change. Even though I checked the controller which showed the hat switch working in all directions (??), it still does not work in P3D but it does work in FSX. I don't understand why this is happening since the A2A C-182 is approved for P3D v4. Is there a glitch in P3D. Any suggestions short of uninstalling C-182? Pat
  3. Sixpounder175

    P3D Startup problem

    Hi all, I just recently bought a new pc and P3D worked find when i first installed it. After trying to make some joystick calibration changes the game suddenly crashed and everytime I start it up it comes up with the message that Prepar3D exe has stopped working. I can't work out why it's done this so randomly just from a joystick calibration change. I was having problems with the controls before it crashed as the rudders were not responsive and the joystick felt stiff and the game randomly froze when control imputs were excessive. Maybe my joystick is too old for the game? It is from at least 2005. Can anyone help me as I am extremely confused right now? I've uninstalled P3D including the addons such as PMDG and Active sky and it's still giving me the stopped working message. Many thanks
  4. Hello, I was reading that people managed to get OTHH working on P3D V4, but I have not managed to. Could someone help me please? I have pointed the installer to P3D V4. James RIsby
  5. Marc44


    Hello all I'm an ex Air Force Mechanic (F111-F) and I received my Basic pilots licence about 12 years ago. I hope this is the right place to speak with the rest of you.
  6. Hello I wonder if you could shade a light on how to solve this problem: Thank you
  7. Hi guys. I bought prepar3d v3 when it released. And now im flying v4 hoever i always noticed. That the default scenery terminals and buildings on the airports. Are gone. Its just a runway with some taxiways now. I had this also in v3. Is this normal. I would like to have the terminals back. Im planning to do some flights on small airports where there are no scenery payware packages for. I already installed some packages to make the runways taxiways and buildings(if they would be there) look a lot nicer. But i cant just deal with the fact that its just a ugly bare airport. Does someome have a fix for this. I came from fsx and yeah. Obvioisly it all works there. thanks in advance guys
  8. Hello, after much thought trying to decide between the RXP GTN and the F1 GTN, I decided to go with the F1. Sadly I have come to find out that the frame rate has halved in the PC-12 (I haven't tried the other planes yet). Generally I will have the frame rate locked at 30 and, especially in the PC-12 it would stay at 30 or in the upper 20s. Once I added the GTN to the plane I am lucky to get 15 fps. Very disappointing and I am hoping at least someone has a solution. I should probably mention I am running P3D v3 academic. Thank you, Zach Burns
  9. Hello Everyone, I need some help with setting up my sound configuration. I have always flown using 2 headsets, one for me and one for my dad(Co-pilot ;)). After starting a new flight today ( LOWW-EHAM) I noticed I wasn't hearing the engines, I was able to fix that. But then I wasn't able to hear the clicking sound you would hear from the switches. So I started looking on the forums, I saw a post where people were recommending to use a speaker and a headset, speaker for p3d and headset for ATC sound. I thought that would be fun to use. So I grabbed my old speakers and plugged them in. Strangely, they did not show up. The speakers are a bit old, and both of them have a separate connection. Can anyone help me by telling me how to get my sim sound on the speakers and the sound from VATSIM/Vpilot into both headsets? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Olivier
  10. Alexandre6463

    Hello from Canada

    Hello everyone, My name is Alex and I'm new to the forum. Just to let you know that English is not my first language so sorry in advance !! I started flight sim with FS9 and I now just switch to P3DV4 ( bought the Academic one ) from FSX-SE and it was the best move ever so far. ADDONS : Flightbeam; KSFOHD, KMSP and KPHX ( Christmas sales ;) ) FSDT: GSX and CYVR REX4 ORBX base, vector, NA, E. System: MSI INFINITE A TOWER, I7 7700, 16 gb DDR4, GTX 1080. Thanks in advance for any tips !!
  11. Hello AVSim community! I'm brand new to the forums and I thought my inaugural forum post should probably be an introduction. I've been flying (what would become) the Microsoft Flight Simulator since it was the subLOGIC Flight Simulator, which I used on the Commodore 64, and Atari 520ST, then finally switching to the Microsoft licensed version on an early 80386-based PC. I got my private pilot's license right after I graduated college in 1988 and flew Beechcraft Skippers and C-172s for a couple of years before I decided to give up a very expensive hobby in favor of going back to school. I didn't "fly" in any form again until 2004 when, on a United flight coming home from somewhere on the east coast, I discovered United lets you listen in to ATC on one of their audio entertainment channels. That got me hooked again, resulting in the purchase and installation of a copy of FS9. I was blown away by how far the simulator had come since its inception! I was instantly hooked. I started out flying the 172 (or was it a 182?) just around my local area, but I eventually switched to the Baron 58, the KingAir 350, the LearJet 45, and, finally the Boeings. Somewhere along the way I discovered add-ons, and I added on! I added scenery packs, higher resolution terrain, ActiveSky weather, and a variety of payware and freeware airplanes and utilities. Eventually I settled on two planes that I flew regularly, more or less forsaking all others. Those were the Flight 1 Cessna 441 (which I LOVED!), and a freeware version of the (then new) B787. To those two planes I added the Reality XP JL2 and JL4 glass cockpit avionics packages and never looked back. Somewhere along the line I learned about virtual airlines, and ended up flying about 1,000 hours I think for one called Livewire Airlines. I really enjoyed being a part of the Livewire community. They weren't as uptight as other virtual airlines I'd sampled, that often tend to take themselves far too seriously. At the same time, they have a very active user community that included some active and retired airline pilots. It was interesting just to read about their experiences and advice. Apparently Livewire is no longer in existence, which is a shame. Unfortunately, a hard disk crash brought my flight simming days to a screeching halt sometime in 2010. I was sick about it, and the prospect of trying to re-install the sim and all the add-ons and get everything re-licensed and reconfigured the way I had it before was just too much, so I closed that chapter and moved on to other things. I have a couple of weeks off over the holidays this year, and I started to get the itch to go virtual flying again, so I've decided to try to get back into it. I was very sad at the news that Microsoft had decided to give up the simulator franchise, and more so with the announcement of their gamified "Microsoft Flight" endeavor. I imagine some Microsoft exec got a huge bonus for that bit of brilliance. I sure hope so anyway. I was wondering if anyone would step in to fill the gap. It seemed like X-Plane might be the only game in town. I did actually try X-Plane 10 for a few days a year or so ago, but hated it. Probably I just didn't wait long enough to get over its learning curve before throwing in the towel. About that same time I also learned that Lockheed had taken over development on what had been (I guess) FSX, but after my bad X-Plane experience, I didn't feel like dropping a bunch more money on virtual flying right at that moment, so I forgot about it. That is until last week, when I decided to try again. This time it went with Prepar3D v4, and, I have to say, I was initially very disappointed. Actually, I'm still pretty disappointed. What the hell happened to all the aircraft?!? There's no real C-172 substitute (in my opinion), and all the Boeings went away. Yeah, I get it, Boeing is a Lockheed competitor, and I'm sure some wise exec at LM decided they couldn't possibly include the enemy's airplanes in their sim. But are they really a competitor? Really? I mean I don't think Lockheed has been in the commercial airliner business since the L-1011 days... 30 or 40 years ago. Nevertheless, the Boeings are gone and the Prepar3D stable is populated with a plethora of Lockheed military aircraft and ancient prop-driven Lockheed airliners. I know a segment of the flight sim community will appreciate and enjoy those, but they don't interest me at all. Also, I'm surprised the scenery is still at about FSX levels. I'm not sure, because I never used FSX, but the scenery doesn't seem to be a lick better than it was in FS9 with whatever improved terrain mesh add-on I had installed. That was 13 years ago. Honestly, by now I did really expect scenery (towns for instance) to be based on satellite imagery. I just mean 13 years ago there was already some experimentation with adding Google Earth textures over the landscape and, at that time, I really figured that the flight sim of the future (Microsoft FS-14 say) would have the world looking like the world. Maybe that was too ambitious, but I'm still kind of surprised things haven't seem to moved beyond the state of things 13 years ago. I'm also disappointed to find that ATC hasn't really advanced. Man, when I discovered in-sim ATC in FS9, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I loved it! I still do, but I would have expected some increase in sophistication over the last 13 years. Instead P3Dv4 is the same limited set of voices and same limited behavior that FS9 had. I expected the simulator 13 years down the road might finally provide better support for IFR approaches and standard departures. But no, still pretty much the same old one trick, vectors-to-ILS pony. I guess. It could be I'm just doing it wrong and nobody has shown me the error of my ways yet. So anyway, I've been slowly working my way up the P3D learning curve, but I obviously have a long way to go. I need to find a "permanent" plane to fly, but, I have to tell you, the current me HATES and despises virtual cockpits. I know the future, enlightened me will LOVE them, but right now, they seem like a gimmick rather than an advancement. I'm sure I'll come around. In the meantime, I need a 2D panel, and, so far at least, the only plane I've been able to get to actually load a 2D panel is the Baron 58. I had high hopes for the Beech KingAir 350, because I used to like that plane in FS9, but, when I try to load its 2D panel, nothing shows but a black box (and, after I've tried, NO 2D panel on ANY plane, including the Baron, shows up anymore until I restart the sim). So, for now at least, it looks like I'm stuck with the Baron. It's not that the Baron is *terrible*, but I'd really like my general aviation plane to be something with a turboprop (or at least a turbocharger!). I was very disappointed to find that the Baron is still just the same old Baron from FS9, with the same old 2D panel, still low res, still optimized for a 4x3 display. Initially, I couldn't figure out how to get P3D to take advantage of my three monitors, but, after much messing around I did finally figure out how to define a custom wide display that spans all three monitors WITHOUT fish-eye distortion but WITH sufficient "over the nose" (over the 2D panel) visibility to actually see the runway while trying to land. Once I learned to do that, life got a lot better and things have been slowly improving in increments as I learn more. With the new wide display, I learned to re-size the Baron 2D panel to present a proper aspect ratio (circular gauges rather than fat elliptical ones), and add in the GPS, throttle quadrant and radio stack. That gives me a nice panel that I actually enjoy using (well, "enjoy" might be over-stating it, but it's certainly a workable panel now). I also have ActiveSky added back in (the new 64-bit P3Dv4 version) and continue to love it! Through a combination of aircraft.cfg tweaking and adjusting the elevator axis response curve via the new 64-bit FSUIPC v5 for PS3 v4, I have the Baron pretty flyable with my PFC "Cirrus" control yoke. Before then the elevator trim was WAY too sensitive all the time, and the elevator control itself was too sensitive at cruise speed. And I've let myself get carried away! I have and will have many questions about P3D, and I know there are experts here that can help me with those. I'm looking forward to those exchanges, but they're for another post (and are probably more at home in the P3D forum anyway). For now, I'm happy to have found you guys, and I'm looking forward to learning from and interacting with you via the forums over the coming weeks and months. Thanks for letting me in! Charlie Hubbard Kennewick, WA
  12. Hello everyone. Back to flight simming after a few years absence. Knew Tom very well. I am set up with Prepar3D V4 and will try to stay active.
  13. Gecekacagi

    Hello Everyone

    I am happy to be here. Avsim is the biggest aviation forum.All Virtual and real pilot use this forum around the world. I want to start first sharing for you. My bad landing to Stansted Airport
  14. Hi all. Sorry if this is a bit of a long read, but I thought I’d share my sim story. (Scroll below to *** to skip the long text and go straight to my point). I fell in love with flight simulation when I was about 8 and borrowed Flight Simulator for Windows 95 from my uncle, installed in on the family PC and took off from Meigs on the C172. Being a kid, I did not know FS98 and FS2000 existed and kept flying passionately with my old simulator. When broadband internet was finally available in my house I learned about FS2002 and all that I had been missing. I skipped FS2002 (there was simply no way to get it where I live in South America). I remember just looking at screenshots and reading how people were enjoying the sim. I wanted it more than anything in the world. A couple of years later my parents were kind enough to buy me a copy of FS2004 and though my PC could handle it only half decently, I tried to enjoy it as best as I could. I was having the best time of my life. It was something I genuinely enjoyed more than anything, and learned a great deal. Even got to fly the complex PMDG planes. I’ll never forget staying up on long summer nights crossing the Pacific Ocean from L.A. to Tokyo. My old AGP 128mb ATI card could not handle all the graphical beauty I was seeing with other people’s builds. When FSX came along, not only did I have a PC in the brink of dead, but I could not afford to build a rig to run the simulator. Even at its lowest settings it was unflyable. My dream of ever getting a nice flying experience with decent graphics just died and turned into bitterness. Through the years I followed the development of this hobby from afar, reading here and there about the latest. *** I’m 27 now. After many years of longing for a nice simulation experience, reading about it, watching videos and reading many of your guys’ FS adventures and nice flights — and after graduating and obtaining my MBA (and saving money) — I’m finally able to afford a computer that will allow me to go back to doing what I love without worrying about 5 FPS when landing. I’m building a nice rig for P3D V4, and I’m as excited to get it running on my computer as when I was a kid. I’be been an AVSIM lurker for years. I’m finally getting my wings and it’s nice to join you all. -Jorge.
  15. Hello to all, PrecipitFX installation with FVX Central has been done regularly on Prepar3D v3.4 and v4 with activation code but the PrecipitX effects only work on Prepar3D v3.4 while on Prepar3D v4 remain effects by default. I uninstalled and reinstalled PrecipitFX only on Prepar3d v4 but the effects remain the default ones. Ciao to all Roberto
  16. "Livery not found in aircraft.cfg after is should have been added." it worked well before. I just formatted my computer and reinstalled pmdg and this pops up when I try to download any livery from Operations Center
  17. Bushpilot1984

    new here

    :smile: :wink: Hey every body i am new here im bush pilot 1984 i do fly p3d xplane and rc model aircraft simulators just thought id introduce my self . i also am a part of a new flight sim and other game community over at The Flight sim x co group were a fairly New Group of guys if any body would like to come pay us a visit feel free here our team speak ip :
  18. MikeKirda

    Prepar3d V4 question

    First post: So I am thinking very seriously about getting back into flight sims. I used FSX and IL2: Sturmovik years ago and wanted to hop back in. I have yet to purchase anything. I have a pair of older Saitek rudder pedals and X52 flight stick. I expect to fly more GA type aircraft, potentially as part of getting a Private Pilot license. Seems like the CH Eclipse yoke might be the best bang for the buck, along with my existing rudder pedals. Beyond this, the computer and Prepar3D, what else should I be looking at getting? Probably payware 172 and/or PA-28 as those are likely training planes. Regards. Mike Kirda
  19. Hi My Name is Jean-Philippe and i go by JP, 26 years old. I am living and working in Germany as a Mechatronics Engineer in Automotive Industry, I am aviation passionate just like many of you. As a main sim i use P3DV4 (left v3 recently) and my first sim was combat flight Simulator followed by fs9, then fsx then p3d. I also recently jumped into the virtual reality in P3DV4 which is a big step and manage to successfully use it (at least for me) for online flying with PMDG stuff. See you later
  20. Just recently bought and downloaded ORBX Dubrovnik and the ORBX scenery is overlapping with the default scenery. I do not have FTX Vector downloaded and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Dubrovnik several times. Help!?
  21. crashndash8

    Hello fellow Sim'er's!

    Just sending a hello to the members of Avsim! I'm new to here, but have checked out the site many many of times before actually joining! I should have joined long ago but hey, I'm male and I procrastinate! imagine those 2 words in one sentence! hehe. But anyways just a quick hello! My main reason for joining the site was to find anyone that uses P3D and Majestics dash8 PRO for shared cockpit flight. I would love to find someone who is willing to give it a shot sometime. I'm no pro pilot but know most of the need to know flight logistics. Cheers from Ontario Canada! Ben.
  22. Ethan Stark


    Hello, This is Ethan Stark. I've been simming since the 90's using one machine. I have had several breaks over the years, just back from one now.Currently using P3D v3.3 with a few add ons. my hasn't flight simming moved on since the days of the zx spectrum. Greetings all. Ethan Stark
  23. DaveyDave

    Saying Hello

    Hi. Just a note to say I'm signing up to learn more about Prepar3D. I would welcome someone activating my account so I can post on the forums. Thanks and happy flying! Dave
  24. Hello, I can't seem to pose anywhere but here, so I just figured I would post. Are there any new weather engines that are made for V4? I used to own ASN, but now that they have ditched P3D v4 and are forcing us to pay for their new software, I am not supporting them anymore. Does anyone know of any others? Thank you.