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  1. cimgrp501

    Reflections and questions about AFS2

    What in the world are you talking about Paul; I must have misinterpreted. In 2003 IL2 had sold over 1.2 million units worldwide, a number many times multiplied now with subsequent iterations. There are numerous advantages other sims have over your favorites, including market leading flight dynamics and dynamic campaigns etc. that Murmur and HiFlyer know more about than I do. And many advantages of your favorites from your perspective. Even a 1st grader understands the differences in people, their perspectives and interests:) I get quickly bored programming a PC within a PC (FMC) to program a flawless flight across an endless expanse of ocean. I would much prefer to "fly" within a dynamic environment. I also understand the perspective and market for those who prefer otherwise.
  2. God bless Gunny, may he rest in peace. By all accounts of his co-actors a genuine and good man who served his flag with honor. Thanks for the link.
  3. cimgrp501

    Aviation movies sugestions No Highway in the Sky, a classic with Jimmy Stewart
  4. You continually talk as if the OP requested support; he did not. All he did was to make accusatory statements which are obviously untrue even to the casual surfer on this forum, i.e., product does not work, is not compatible, and is not market ready; all easily established false just on Avsim. He did not bother to scan the forum and see the consensus on how outstanding both this product and support is, or apparently have the humility to recognize that as a "human," perhaps human error was involved when essentially no one else is experiencing his problem. Why would any developer wish to dive into that black hole when there are people who approach him with the respect he has earned, and who understand "user error" or "system anamoly" is not the fault or responsibility of the developer? People like Keven make this simulated world the awe-inspiring virtual reality it has become and deserve much better, lest they retreat to a more civil enclave and leave us to our own far less immersive devices.
  5. cimgrp501

    Aerofly FS 2: opinions changed already?

    Jeroen...first my sincere appreciation for you keeping us up to date on FS 2, as I have developed strong interest and plan to buy in Sept. due primarily to following your updates. I have been out of simming for about 5 years due to family and career, but will be in a position to be back in the game in about 6 weeks. Given I love flying in the western US I frankly can't wait to do Vegas to SFO etc. w/o tweaking, a lot of addons, etc. A bonus is that I love to do the old school analog style vs. programming fmc, so esp looking forward to the Lear 45. Couldn't find any screens of that cockpit on the site, so if you have any experience with the 45 and care to comment on it would be interested. Also curious if the flight dynamics are up to your standards with their current aircraft, esp the Lear or new Dash 8. Thanks a lot for keeping us informed and breathing new life into my sim enthusiasm at just the right time.
  6. cimgrp501

    Landing Dynamics

    Tom...a thread started in Feb that has some credible info and sources chime in...eventually...may have some useful info in the event you wish to explore further the landing characteristics of the 74.
  7. cimgrp501

    One less item on my bucket list.

    Enjoyed every word Jorge, thanks for posting this and wish you all the best with your new wings!
  8. Even in business learning and development where I work there are clear distinctions between games, gamification and simulation. It has nothing to do with anyone feeling "better" than someone else. It has to do with widely accepted definitions and parameters, e.g., I respect your right to define a "game" however you wish, but Boomer has the right to follow well established and recognized distinctions as most of us choose to do.
  9. cimgrp501

    Bullets, flak and collisions

    Almost as good as playing Alan to follow your adventures! Got the patches and hope to get started next week.
  10. cimgrp501

    Bullets, flak and collisions

    Thanks again Alan, you have gone way above the call of duty to assist. I have copied your tutorial and will enjoy immersing myself in the manual and all the nuances of this sim...far more inclined to this challenge and old school analog cockpits than FMC manuals and programming.
  11. cimgrp501

    Bullets, flak and collisions

    Can't tell you how much I appreciate your reply and the additional info Alan. Long been enamored with the B17 since before MAM "Chuckie" restoration days. Will purchase and enjoy with your kind help; thanks for the immense contributions you have made to all of us for whom this is more than a hobby!
  12. cimgrp501

    Bullets, flak and collisions

    Great shots Alan, what is the sim please, would be very interested in flying in it, thanks!
  13. cimgrp501

    Release MD-11 as Freeware?

    I was not comparing prices of BMW and PMDG Peter, just their similar positioning on a brand position matrix (high quality/cost) for their respective markets, and the potential unintended consequences of any decision which does not fully align with that position and brand perception. Robert's response is a good example of how the loyal core target market might react...such reactions are often unpredictable unless you think through the value proposition for your target customers (which in the case of PMDG, BMW, Apple, et al. goes far beyond the product). In any event you may well be right in your thinking about that level of community commitment paying off for PMDG...thinking through all these potential consequences is what makes marketing strategy so challenging and so much fun! Roy Holley
  14. cimgrp501

    Release MD-11 as Freeware?

    Here is a good article on "cold" business models like Apple, PMDG, BMW, etc. and why they protect their high-end brand positioning so fiercely ( It was not hard to predict the unintended consequences of the 5c cheaper iphone, which Apple has now recognized. The same potential for brand erosion and position with the target market could happen with MD11 release as freeware where Robert and team would lose control of many product aspects critical to their high-quality brand position...which could eventually affect the perception of the brand and their success with their core target market. I would love to see the MD11 released, but there is a reason why Steve Jobs favorite word was "no" and why the most successful businesses protect their brand in what some may perceive as a "cold" fashion.
  15. cimgrp501

    how much wood do you burn in a wood stove in Alaska cabin?

    Formula which has passed several initial thresholds of testing within acceptable limits of variation, sampling incomplete given absence of data from 2 frozen testers: DFO (km) x MOY - ADH © LAT X AHDS - PG (LE) x AMSL DFO (distance from ocean) AHDS (avg hrs daily sun), PG (LE) Price of Gold, London Exchange I wish I could be more accurate :smile: