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Frequency Issues

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I am having issues with frequency assignments from P2A.

I am currently using AIRAC 1707 Rev1 from Navigraph as I understand there are issues with newer releases containing extra info that P2A is not ready for, so I have rolled it back.

At ENVA, the P2A main interfaces shows:

ENVA App: 118.60
ENVA App: 119.15 (This is not APP, it should be DIR)
ENVA ATIS: 127.55
ENVA Twr: 119.40
ENVA Twr: 122.10
ENVA Twr: 133.75

Using the second approach frequency I can get IFR clearance, and the program issues the correct AIRAC ground frequency which is 121.60, however as you can see, P2A doesn't register the 121.6 in the main interface, and when tuned, the frequency does nothing, so I cannot get push or taxi clearance. If I tuned one of the tower frequencies, they redirected me to 121.6, again which is correct, but still doesn't work.

So P2A is assigning the correct frequency according to AIRAC, but at the same time, is not aware that a ground frequency exists!

This also occurred at the destination ENBR, when tower handed me to ground after landing.

Any ideas?

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As a follow on from this, when clicking Info for ENVA in the main interface, I can see the ground frequency as per AIRAC, but as said before, P2A will not allow me to contact it, it just displays ----- under the frequency :(

I can also confirm that not every airport is affected in this way. For example ENGM DOES have ground frequencies available in the main interface, that do respond. It looks like 50% of my airports are not working.

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This should be fixed in the next update.  It has to do with some code bugs in dealing with the new AIRAC supplied controller data.

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Hi Again Dave,

I turns out it was my fault. I did not update to the latest version. After updating to the current release and loading 1707 rev1 everything started working again.

Many Thanks for great support!

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