Best apps to offload to networked PC?

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I've been searching for data to support the idea that running apps via a networked PC actually makes a difference with P3Dv4 (or FSX for that matter).  Does anyone have any personal data or a reference showing which apps actually lead to performance increases when run on a secondary PC?  My concern is that the networked comms actually hurt more than the extra CPU helps...

I usually run a weather app (ASP4 with ASCA), ATC (VoxATC at the moment), TrackIR, and sometimes airhauler2 or FSeconomy, plus an EFB/charts app like navigraph.  Which of these functions does it significantly help to offload to a networked PC?  I realize this is hardware dependent, but there might be a way to determine when to network and not...

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Any software you run elsewhere will reduce your server load. I run AS16 for P3dv4, Aivailasoft EFB (Display Unit), PFPX, TopCat, Plan G, and Radar Contact V4 on my Win 7 client. I networked anything that can be run over my network.


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Do you notice a difference in performance with everything you could network turned off ? I don't but system is prettyhigh end and I'm using process lasso for the addons to use the last couple threads.

If you don't either network pc is waste of time. If you do I guess the gain is theoretically somewhere between the off and on hah.  Sounds like old thinking though if you have a newer quad core system. 

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When I watch the task manager and CPU percentages, all my addons use minimal CPU.

I don't think that networking brings extreme performance gains. But hey, everyone how he thinks it's the best :-)

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