Missing items, or do i miss something myself?

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Working with FS2Crew PMDG 737 Reboot for P3Dv4 i have a few remarks / questions.

I use button control SOP 2.

I startup in a saved situation with everything set for push back and start engines.

That is also the moment that i start FS2Crew and let it run as from the preflight checklist.

I run the Departure brief and everything after that (taxi checklist, before start to the line, before start below the line, etc and also the approach brief, completely filled in)

Remark / Question 1: When i commence taxi, the taxi-lights are not set by the FO. (i had to do that myself)

Remark / Question 2: After running the before TO procedure the Taxi-light is not set to off en the landing lights are not set to on. (i had to do that myself)

Remark / Question 3: After TO when i press the STD button on the EFIS control panel, the STD pressure is not set by the FO (But it is read back by the FO though, i had to set the pressure on the captains site myself). (I have slaved the captains and FO side)

Remark / Question 4: Climbing trough FL100 the FO does switch the landing lights off, but never the wheel well, wing lights and logo lights (i had to do that myself)

Remark / Question 5: In the descent after running the approach brief, the FO does turn the landing lights on descending trough FL100, but not the two retractable landing lights. (the left two of the four)

Remark / Question 6: After landing the FO does not set the landing lights to off and does not set the taxi lights to on (he also doesn't do anything with the runway turn off lights).

Am i missing something here? everything seems to work just fine, only the lights procedures do not work correctly.

Hope you can shine some lights on these remarks / questions?

Kind regards,



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Hi Ben:

STD:  Make sure the Capt and FO's altimters are set to sync.  There's a PMDG option for this.  It's described in the manual.

Lights:  Are you running any external hardware or anything that might interfere with the lights?  FS2Crew simply controls the lights via the SDK.

Try without the saved situation file -they can sometimes cause weird issues, and cause the plane not to initialize properly.



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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for jumping in.

The altimeters are set to sync allright, but i myself initiate pushing the EFIS control panel button to set to STD...resulting in a yellow box around the altimeter setting (for example 1020 Millibar does not change to a green "STD" but just turns yellow with a drawn yellow box around it).

I have go-Flight modules wich controls the lights in GA aircraft but not in PMDG aircraft), i do not touch them when i am in any PMDG aircraft.

I will try to start from cold and dark and  let FS2Crew run along with it. I did this before one time....but cannot remember if the lights where set in the right way then.

But tell me.... is FS2Crew suppost to set the lights in the right way even when you start with a saved flight and start FS2Crew as from the "preflight checklist"?

Kind regards,


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The Go Flight module might be overriding light commands sent to the PMDG aircraft via the SDK.

That's all I can think of regarding the lights.

I'm not sure about the STD issue: maybe someone else can jump in.

Check the Transition Level/Alt value you have set in the FMC.  I suspect that's the issue.  It may not be set.

Generally speak even with saved flights everything should function normally.

But FSX can be a weird beast, and sometimes saved flight files can cause the plane to not initialize properly.

However, I still think your Go Flight is the conflict.

Try shutting it off.

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Hello Bryan,

I spent whole afternoon working with FS2Crew.

I have disabled the Go-Flight modules as you said and i started up the PMDG B738 from C&D and let FS2crew do the same. Unfortunately i have to say that the program is not doing what it should and is not stable.

In previous message i said that the taxi lights did not go on before taxi, but in the captains flow it is written that the captain have to turn on the taxi lights when commencing taxi, so that was my mistake. (sorry about this)

For the rest i have checked CPT and FO flows and i found out the following:

1. The landing lights are not turned on entering the runway (or shorltly before that) after running the corresponding items in FS2Crew. The RWY Turnoff and retractable landing lights are not set to off by the FO running the after take off checklist( the FO does turn them off at FL100 though)

2. Unless i have set that in the config page, the FO does not press STD at transition altitude. (Yes the CPT and FO baro is set to sync in the PMDG menu)

3. The autobrakes are not set by the FO, yes i have set autobrakes 3 in the approach brief page and have run the approach brief. (i saw in one post you said that after the app brief was run, the program is in app mode and we could see that in the FS2Crew popup screen, but i do not see anything that shows that).

4. The landing lights are not set when descending through FL100. The flow said the FO has to do that, now i did it myself.

5. After landing in the clean up flow, the FO does not switch the Landing lights off (wich are set by me during the approach fase ) and does not switch the Taxi lights on.

6. On shutdown checklist will not run when parking at the gate, after "doors and lights" the program freezes (Yes i waited 3 minutes before commencing the shutdown procedure).

It took me several complete day's this week to be sure i did everything in the right way and that this is really the FS2Crew program that fails unfortunately.

I hope you have a solution?

Kind regards,


Important Edit: i just read in the tutorial that in the before take-off procedure the CPT has to set the taxi light to off and the RWY turnoff lights and landing lights to on.....but the FS2Crew document that describes the CPT and FO flows i read that the FO is turning the taxi lights off and is turning the landing lights on in the before take-off procedure..... that is a mistake by FS2Crew and very confusing.

Important edit 2: I just read in the tutorial that before descent the CPT hands over the aircraft to the FO (You have control) and that he becomes to be the monitoring pilot and has to set the autobrakes (and many other items), but in the NGX Reboot_pilot_not_Flying_flow_document it is written that the "FO (pilot non flying)" will set the autobrakes.... that is very confusing because the flow document does not remark at all when the CPT handles over the aircraft to the FO and suddenly becomes to be the "pilot not flying" (and set the autobrakes accordingly).

This way we (the users) keep on making mistakes and stay confused and are kind of urged to write our own checklist (things to do list) wich i rather not because that will be very time consuming.

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Meanwhile i reinstalled FS2crew and did another checkflight. All is working o.k. now.

What's left are three abnormalities (in the text of the Button-control flow charts and the text of the Button-control SOP2 tutorial):

These are:

1. Tutorial: states that at the before take-off procedure the "pilot flying" (the CPT) will turn off the Taxi lights, but he doesn't - that is done by the pilot non flying (the FO)

2. Tutorial: states that at the after take-off procedure the "pilot monitoring" (the FO) will turn off the RWY Turn-off & the retractable lights, but he doesn't - that is done by the pilot non flying (the FO) at 10K.

3. The "Captain / Pilot Flying Flows" document and the "First Officer / Pilot non flying Flows" document are not compatible with the text of the "Button Control SOP 2 Tutorial" at certain actions. That is confusing and that is why i will not take those "Flow" documents into account anymore. I will write my own flow chart / checklist based on the Tutorial and the abnormalities that i found out and corrected.

Beside this, it did cost me some time to get settled and find out what's wrong.....but great product, i will buy the B777 version and looking forward to the B744 version.

Kind regards,


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1 hour ago, Bentree_ said:

great product, i will buy the B777 version and looking forward to the B744 version.



Glad you like it :-)

We'll take a 2nd look at the manual and check for any discrepancies.  It's complex though with all the numerous possible user options.

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