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Thinking about Upgrading PC need to know your FPS in VR

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I´m starting to think seriously about upgrading my PC. Actually I have a i7 4770K at 3.5 GHz with a 980ti and 16Gb of Ram.

I fly only on VR (P3D v4) and I`m quite happy in small addon airports where I get 25-40 fps with a Carenado CJ2 and GTN 750. Since I love photo scenery I put autogen in sparse and it helps, so no need to put all these graphics options to the right (get steady 40fps during flight). In busy airports it goes from 18-25 fps with a lot of those annoying micro stutters (which are linked to those low fps).

I use 1.7 pixel density so I can read the instruments without leaning too much on them. 

And as many in this forum already know, after flying in VR there´s no way back to 2D. So, I´d love to know your fps experiences with better GPU like 1080ti and a newer processor. I´ll think about getting a new one if I can get, don´t know, 20-30 fps more in VR, which I need to have a smooth expirience. But it´s an expensive "step" if I can get only 5-10 fps more. 

So If you can give me some advice about what PCs you have, your fps in VR and what I need,  itwould be nice.






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I am 4790K@4.0 GHz and GTX1080. I got 45 fps in pure photo scenery and Oculus without supersampling. Very playable. But I only got 20-30 fps in the same scenery with Vive without supersampling and have stutters. How strange!

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The problem is, that most of our current sims are still extremely CPU dependant for their FPS performance. I myself found that when I switched to my 1080ti, FSX and P3D barely responded to the the new card.

X-Plane had a noticeable but modest frame rate uptick, but the only sim I had that really jumped in FPS was Aerofly, which is very GPU inclined.

The truth on the ground for now is that except for helping keep fps steady at higher resolutions, the more powerful graphics cards don't do that much in legacy sims. In fact, any FPS jumps noted are more likely to come from Oculus/Vive tricks like asynchronous Timewarp.

X-plane is switching to Vulkan to help address this, and has shown a strong interest recently in VR, so it will be intriguing to see what they can do to push things along.

FSX and P3D however....... You might be better just getting a better CPU, or overclocking the one you have.

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