I have a grey globe when zooming out from top-down

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Hello there, I do apologize if this question has already been asked and answered before but I notice that when I zoom out from the Top-down view the globe is completely covered! I have a picture to show what the problem is. I use the Shader 3 Mod for FSX-SE. I have removed the cache many times and I have done the press the Esc button for a few seconds and come back into the screen but it didn't work. That image shows my problem. 


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Hello Edward,

That's one heck of a blank globe in your picture, I thought the grey area was only going to be the extent of the LOD footprint, which would have meant a scenery.cfg corruption, or disabled core scenery folders in your FSX library. As it is, its more of a light blue transparency over the entire globe than a solid grey, possibly indicating Shader corruption as you rightly state.

Which Cache have you removed many times? (Is it the scenery Index cache)

What ESC button procedure is that you are trying. Is it from the FSX menu...  from what Sim state?
What is the ESC key supposed to rectify? other than bring up the End Flight panel - To end the flight returning you to the free flight screen or continue flying.

Before considering Shader corruption have you installed any new graphics drivers lately.

I hope you have not deleted your ShadersHLSL folder from your FSX root folder, (you should not mess with this folder).

The correct Shaders to refresh reside in

It is a little difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies as we have no idea wether you are using AMD or Nvidia graphics, nor do we know the strength of your other system components (system specs).

The other thing you mention in your post was the use of Venetubo - Bojote - "Shader 3 mod" in your FSX:SE installation. I have not heard of this being used for some years, especially not in FSX:SE. "Shader 3 mod" was problematic in FSX:MS and was abandoned by many particularly AMD graphic users.
Bojote tweaks should not be needed in FSX:SE as Dovetail have optimised many of its features as best an old 32bit program can be. With the additional use of DX10 and Steve Parsons DX10 fixer you will find it un-necessary to use shader enhancement.

All is not lost though as there were some instructions within the "Shader 3 mod" installation you should still have, which will help you revert the Shaders back to original.  I never tried SM3 or uninstall the mod, others may know how to help you with this.
Info here:

I would suggest refreshing your ( Shaders  & Shaders10 )  folder/s  and let FSX:SE rebuild them next time you start your sim, but as I don't know what Bojote recommended in his instruction to revert to originals,
you should probably wait for someone who has experience of this phenomenon, or who has FSX:SE and knows exactly how to help you, someone like "Jim Young" here at AVSIM might be able to advise.

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