Do I need NVIDEA GeForce Experience?

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Other than Nvidea Graphics Driver


Do I need other stuff like 


1) NVIDEA GeFroce Experience

2_ Nivdea HD Audio Driver?

3) Nivdia PhysX System software?


Could I uninstall these 3?

My primary purpose is for Flight simming.


Today I noticed a service "NvStreamUserAgent.exe" running. I felt this was checwing up the CPU and And once I killed it, the CPU usage went down..but after a while thios demon process came back again. I went and stopped this service using the Services manager. Not sure what the heck this process doesn..but it looks like this is a Nvidea services.

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1) this mainly auto-updates the drivers for you. if that is useful for you or not is pretty subjective. it also has preset configurations for a lot of games. i believe the interface for the nvidia streaming/capturing is also easily accesed through this. it is my understanding that you can safely uninstall it if those features don't interest you.

2) the hd audio driver is for if you are using an HDMI cable to a television and want the audio to go to the television with it. it's not using any resources if you don't use that, it's just a driver. i think can also be uninstalled.

3) physx is a standardized system of offloading some physics calculations to GPU cores. some games take advantage of this but i don't think any of the major sim packages use it unfortunately. if you are not running an app that uses it then i don't think it runs anything anyway, i don't see a process for it or anything. it's more like an API layer like directx.

i believe the NvStreamUserAgent.exe is part of geforce experience and related to the streaming functionality

keep in mind that if you aren't using these features none of these should be causing any noticeable cpu usage.. it is unlikely that removing them will give you a performance boost they are really only doing anything if you are using those specific features. if one of them is 'chewing up the cpu' then there may be some other issue with your system...guess it depends what you mean exactly. just showing a few percent usage from time to time while the computer is idle is totally fine. that particular process isn't running on my system and i just installed whatever the default stuff is so i'm not sure why it would be running if you aren't doing streaming but who knows. maybe an nvidia-specific forum will probably have someone more knowledgeable about it than me :)

cheers,-andy crosby


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Good question Manny, and great answer Andy. (Wow)

Thanks for taking the time out to explain all clearly. I have often asked this question to myself, however I have for many years been installing just the graphics driver and seem to be getting away with it.


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5 hours ago, spesimen said:


cheers,-andy crosby



Thanks Andy. I appreciate your detailed explanation

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