Black Marble Night Lighting, Package options and performance questions..

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For those who have Black Marble for night lighting (global) in p3dv4 (or v3 as well).. i'm curious what is the difference between the base package and vector package.. wouldn't you need both to get decent looking night coverage.

Anyone happen to have comparisons between this and say FTX/OPENLC/Region night lighting or even UTX USA lighting? (i posted a comparison between Night Environment and UTX, i opted for NE)

Any major differences in fps/performance using this? 

At around $100 for the two packages (slightly steep for me right now), i'm hoping for good things/info before pulling the trigger on this


Thanks in advance for any info

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20 hours ago, FSXtreme said:

Black Marble Vector puts lights on all the roads.

Go to the Chris Bell Designs forums and you can get very good answers there.

Thanks, i took a look there, didnt realize some of the answers were in there.  Just completing this thread with the info i've found so far, in case others are wondering:

I guess if you have vector with UTX installed.. that portion of UTX should also be disabled so as to not conflict with Black Marble vector, which puts roads based on vector data both in daylight and at night, a nice bonus, though ill be anxious to compare placement of UTX Vector with Black Marble Vector.

The other thing from what i read was that if you are running photo scenery, this needs turned off when using Black Marble at night, otherwise the lighting wont show correctly (which it does with UTX lighting as of now when stil enabled).. i guess thats where the Night Environment addons come in, in terms of leaving photo scenery turned on.


What really interests me long term is the Virtual Earth product he has begun with autogen placement (which i think is similar to ortho4xp with overlays)

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