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I often don't have time for a full flight, so occasionally I will pause the X-plane for many hours.   I place P2ATC on "pause" but often when I restart, the comm frequency is not recognized.  

For example, I restarted a flight from Nice to Salzburg.   I used the COM frequency selector to search for the closest ATC, which comes up with the Marseilles control center at 119.75.  I load that as the active frequency but it does not show Marseilles control center underneath, as if the frequency is not recognized.  I also had it happen that I  will try to load a frequency, and a close but not exact frequency comes up.  For example, I type in 119.75, but 119.752 will show up instead. No matter how many times I type in 119.75, only 119.752 shows in the Comm box.  Sometimes it "locks up" and I can't switch frequencies between active and standby.   I disconnect and reconnect the sim, and that doesn't help.

The typed in frequencies do show up correctly in my FF 757 or Aerobask 550, depending on what I am flying.



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The frequencies ending in .n2 and .n7 are actually .n25 and .n75 so they might be displayed either way.  119.72 is the same as 119.725.  I will be cleaning up the display in a future update, but it should not affect operation of program in the meantime.

You can try swapping frequencies to get them to display correctly.  In some instances, especially with Center frequencies, the name does not show up correctly or at all.  Try carrying on with the flight.  If you were somewhere en-route when you paused, it should pick up where you left off.  You can make an initial call to Center to see if ATC is still alive  "<CallSign> at FL xxx".

Worst case, you can disconnect and reconnect P2A, get on Center Frequency and make the call.  That should get things working again.


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