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1 hour ago, nonfirm said:

Hello, I have just installed the L-35 and can not get the GPS or the radar to work. I have installed the patch but it does not appear to power up. Any help would be great. Here is a screen shot. Also, I have the same problem in FSXSE and P3D v4. Thanks.


What GPS and what radar unit are you using ?  I could not open the link for the picture you posted. The GPS 530 and the Advantage WX radar have to be turned on using the mouse.


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Hi, I have the GNS 530. That one is turning on just fine. The radar that I have says, Bendix and I can't get it to turn on with the mouse or by clicking on it. I did reinstall the jet and that was no help. Thanks.

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The radar needs an installed 3rd party radar. By default the L35A is configured to use the REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar, but there are alternatives (some free if you are using ASN/AS16/ASP4) as indicated on the product page.

Not sure what problem you have with the GPS as you initially say that it does not work and now that it turns on just fine.

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ThomasAH when I installed the update for the panel it switched to a dual GPS setup both of which I could not turn on. I then uninstalled the airplane and reinstalled it which put the original configuration back in. So I now have a working GPS but was not sure about the weather radar. I do have Active Sky and I will research on how to make it work with that program. Thanks for the info.

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Ah, that explains it. The dual setup is for two GTN 750, which would have to be bought separately from Flight1.

Instructions for various radars are in a PDF contained in

I have used the free RolASN radar in the past (which does not react to the panel buttons, but only to clickspots inside the radar screen), and am now using the REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar.

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